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1998 WAYO WAYO - O.P.P.A.
1998 Forgive me - A4
1998 Please Baby Don't Cry - Deep
1999 To Her Lover - K2
2000 I Love You - Position
2001 One year later - Why
2006 vibe
2007 Love's Greetings - SEEYA
2007 Ice Doll - SEEYA
2009 Love O’Clock

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2018 Prelin apparels
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  • 2013 SBS Acting Awards: Top Excellence Award for Empire of Gold
  • 2013 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards: Production Directors's Choice Award for 49 Days
  • 2011 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award
  • 2010 Indosiar Mania Awards: Most Favorite Asian Actress
  • 2010 Asia Model Festival Awards:Special Award for Asian Drama
  • 2009 10th Korean Media Ceremony: "Photogenic" Award
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 MBC Drama Awards: Female Top Excellence Award (Queen Seon Deok)
  • 2009 Grimme Award: Best Actress
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Netizens' Choice Award
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award
  • 2007 SBS Acting Awards: Top Excellence Award for Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
  • 2007 SBS Acting Awards: Popularity Award for Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
  • 2007 SBS Drama Awards: Best Couple Award (with Lee Beom-Su for Surgeon Bong Dal Hee)
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Best Special Project Female Actress
  • 2005 SBS Drama Awards: Top 10 Star Award
  • 2002 SBS Drama Awards: Newstar Award for Daemang (Ambition)
  • 2001 9th Spring History Film Festival: Best Actress for Take Care of My Cat
  • 2001 Baeksang Awards: Best New Female Actress
  • 2001 KBS Acting Awards: Most Popular Actress
  • 2001 Blue Dragon Awards: Best New Actress Award
  • 1997 Modeling Contest Winner


2010-10-15Lee Yo-Won was born on April 9, 1980, in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.  In 1997, during her sophomore year in high school, Lee Yo-Won applied for a modeling contest and was picked as the winner.  After the contest she debuted in the monthly fashion magazine "Figaro" (휘가로) for its November issue.  In 1998, Lee Yo-Won made her acting debut in the film "Scent of a Man".  While acting for her first movie, Lee Yo-Won sometimes tore up because staff members only applauded the other actors for their work. Then some staff members noticed her tears and mentioned she was good at tearing up.  That was the first time she heard positive words about her acting.  With her confidence building and gaining more attention from the staff members, Lee Yo-Won realized she wanted to pursue acting as a profession.

For her second film, Lee Yo-Won played gas station attendant Galchi in the hit movie “Attack the Gas Station!” which sold 2.4 million tickets.  Thanks to the popularity of that film Lee Yo-Won started to gain recognition from the public.  Lee Yo-Won then acted in several television dramas.

In 2001, Lee Yo-Won's big breakthrough came in the KBS TV drama "Blue Mist" (Pureun Angae). For the first time Lee Yo-Won played the lead character in a TV drama and the series became a big hit.  The drama itself contained a controversial (for its time) storyline involving a woman in her early 20's becoming involved romantically with a married man in his 40's.  In the same year, 2001, Lee Yo-Won acted as one of the three main characters in the critically praised indie film "Take Care of My Cat" directed by female director Jeong Jae-Eun.  The film was chosen as one of the 5 best films of 2001 by "Cine Seoul" magazine.  Lee Yo-Won mentioned in a 2009 interview with "Elle Korea" fashion magazine that "Take Care of My Cat" was her most memorable work.  Lee Yo Won also got Baeksang Award for Best Newcomer Actress by the movie Take Care of my Cat.

In 2003, at the age of 22, Lee Yo-Won made the surprising announcement that she will marry.  On January 10, 2003, Lee Yo-Won married professional golfer & businessman Park Jin-Woo.  Lee Yo-Won temporarily put her acting career on hold while she went to the U.S. with her husband to study.  Lee Yo Won accompanied her husband to get Master degree in University of San Diego while Lee Yo Won also wanted to study English in U.S.

In December 2003, Lee Yo-Won had a daughter.  In an interview with TV show "Section TV - S Diary" on MBC, Lee Yo-Won mentioned that at the time of her marriage she was tired of acting and the demands placed on her.  One week before her marriage, Lee Yo Won still had to complete her filming schedule for drama “Daemang”, she was really at her peak and busy as an actress at that time as she decided to get married.

In 2005, Lee Yo-Won made her acting comeback in the SBS drama series "Fashion 70's".  She chose the role for three reasons: because it was a historical drama, that it was directed by Lee Jae-Kyu (who previously directed popular female oriented detective drama "Damo: The Legendary Police Woman") and that it dealt with a woman's career and success rather than a pure love story.  Actually she was afraid of her comeback that people can’t accept her. She got some criticisms for her life in US that she on purpose gave birth outside Korea. She said because now she has a family, if she was mocked, her family will get the impact too. But she got big support from her husband said that “don’t really bother of what people say”.

Before taking "Fashion 70s," Lee Yo Won starred in a movie “When Romance Meets Destiny” as supporting actress, she said she likes the character and on purpose not to take as lead actress for her first comeback to entertainment.  After "Fashion 70's," Lee Yo-Won acted in various drama and movies. She acted in medical drama "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee" as the main character Bong Dal Hee who was a resident doctor, struggling to be a surgeon even she herself had heart problem of her health. The Drama again made a success in TV rating, Lee Yo Won won Three Awards for this drama : Top Female Excellent, Best Couple (with Lee Bum Soo), and Popularity Award in SBS Drama Award 2007.

Another hit was movie "May 18" which was from real story of Gwangju incident in 1980, the movie attracted millions viewers on theatres and becomes first local movie in that year which can successfully compete against Hollywood movie.  The end of 2007 until half 2008, Lee Yo Won acted in drama Bad Love (Cruel Love) with actor Kwon Sang Woo. This drama was a mellow one about love, unfortunately the drama wasn’t good in TV rating in Korea, and it said that the genre wasn’t popular at that time in Korean drama industry.

In 2009, Lee Yo-Won performed in another smash-hit television series, this time in the MBC historical drama "The Great Queen Seon Deok".  Lee Yo-Won played main character Queen Seon Deok, who possessed extraordinary intelligence and strength.  In an interview with "Star News," Lee Yo-Won stated she was tired of playing woman who were fragile and weak and eagerly took the role of Queen Seondeok because of this.

At first, some people doubt about her acting as Queen Seon Deok because they just recalled her acting as fragile and teary woman in Bad Love, but the PD and director of "Queen Seon Deok" believed that Lee Yo Won deserved the role, the "Bad Love" case wasn’t wrong with Lee Yo Won’s acting skill, she was good at it, what ruined the drama was the storyline itself.  And right, Lee Yo Won successfully played the main role Queen Seon Deok, the drama become drama of the year and national drama in 2009.  She played opposite Go Hyun Jung, even though some people always wanted to compare the two of them, but Lee Yo Won humble said that Go Hyun Jung is her senior and really appreciate her acting.

In 2010, Lee Yo-Won's next film "The Recipe" was released in late October.  She appeared at the world premiere for "The Recipe" during the Pusan International Film Festival (in which AsianMediaWiki attended).  During the question and answer session Lee Yo-Won stated she chose the film, because she wanted to work with another female director due to her great experience with "Take Care of my Cat." Although she was initially reluctant to take on another role of a "fragile woman," the movie's producer Jang Jin and movie director Lee Seo-Goon convinced this would be the right role for her.

Yowon's Messages

Jan 21, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I am Lee Yo Won. Deeply moved by fans’ love, I want to post some photos through Ins in order to express my thankfulness (smile). However someone made a report and complained that I am not Lee Yo Won. I have no idea who is it (cry). Finding back the original account is a little bit tricky. Therefore I re-register a new one. I feel very grateful that the drama named Night Light could receive so many favors overseas. We are now filming the last episode. Please keep on watching the drama until the last moment. The weather is frozen, take care of yourselves, most importantly, do not catch cold.

Lee Yo Won Official Instagram

Tags: #Night Light# #Lee Yo Won# #Official account# #It is not fake# #Do not make a complaint about me# #Re-register is really disturbing

credit to @qq_he

May 25, 2011

Is it really the end?
This is Ji-Hyun's father's "boss" sofa in Ji-Hyun's hospital room.. I fall asleep so well here. I want it ! want it! ^^

This is Meta-uhjoo road~~ This is where Bing Ji-Hyun (im assuming bing is for JH in YK's body) looks at the pretty stones and enjoys the nature.

It's almost a week~~
Does it end like thisㅋㅋ I'm slowly coming back to daily life...I'm trying to get out of it fast (the characters)...^^
The pretty cake at the ending party was so much I couldn't even eat much of it. Thank you so so much! Thank you again! Thank you for loving 49 days and for loving Bing Yi-Kyung and Song Yi-Kyung! See! I knew I would miss Bing Yi-Kyung (JH in YK)
As I left for the last time I was so sad...For a while my heart was hurting while shooting..But I guess that's the job of being an actress.. playing with emotions.. ㅠㅠ.
It's soo hard! tear tear.. I'm really anticipating which next project I'll be able to meet you again... This summer is supposed to be very hot.. Take care of your health! Let's meet again through a cool, awesome character!

Credit: Translation by Jjowah at soompi.com

정말 끝인가....요.....ㅋㅋ

사진설명 : 지현이 병실에서 아빠가 항상 주무시던 완전 편한 회장님 의자~~잠이 소로록 잘 와요~ 탐나탐나~~^^
여긴 메타어저구 길~~돌맹이보구 이쁘게 생겻다며 빙지현이 자연을 만끽하던 곳 ㅋㅋ

벌써 일주일이 다 되어가려하네요~~
이렇게 끝나는 것인가 ㅋㅋ 이제 조금씩 일상으로 돌아오구 있구요....얼렁 벗어나려 노력하고 있어요....^^;;
글구 종파티때 넘 이뿐 케익 아까워서 제대로 먹지도 못하겠던데...너무너무 고맙구요....다시한번 감사드려요~~
글구 49일 많이 사랑해주셔서 빙이경, 송이경 다들 넘 사랑해 주셔서 감사드리구....것봐 !!! 내가 빙이경 그리울거랬징 ㅋㅋㅋ
마지막으로 가면서는 너무 슬퍼서...한동안 가슴이 ...촬영하면서도 아팠는데.....참 배우라는 직업이 그러네요....감정갖고 노는거라....ㅠㅠ
힘덜어여!!!!! 흑흑 ㅜㅜ 담엔 어떤 작품으로 만나게 될지 저두 넘넘 기대되구......올 여름 무지 더울거 같은데.....건강 조심하시구여.....
우리 또 멋진 캐릭터로 만나용~~^^

Source: DC

First of all, thank you everyone for loving 49D, SYK, Soul-JH....
It was because of me, someone frequently visited DC to get involve in a heated debate/act angry.ㅋㅋ Please do not act this way~~ Apple Cafe has been established for a long time.  Eventhough DC hasn't set up for a long period, but they are very active/positive and I am very grateful to them. We must all get along well.
Ah, 49D's OST is playing now (CAFE: background music), at the moment, heart felt pain ㅜㅜ Trying hard to forget, but... sob sob... very .. heart ... ache...

Also, thank you for the snacks. Eat together with all the staff.
Now we have to cheer up and back to normal life... is ... it ...요 ...ㅋㅋ ... 
Summer seems to be very hot this year, please be careful of health...
Hope we can meet again.... tears are flowing now ... because the song are playing again now... darn...i need to hurry up leave..... sob sob ㅜㅜ
Bye.. SYK..Soul-JH

Credit: Translation by Snowylamb at soompi.com

2011.05.25. 17:49

먼저 49일과 송이경 빙이경 너무 사랑해주셔서 너무 감사드려요.....내가 갤러리에 자주 간다고 많이 삐지신분들도 게신데....ㅋㅋ그러지 말지~~ 사과카페는 너무나 오~~래 돼어서 고맙구 갤러는 생긴지 얼마 안됐지만 너무나 적극적이어서 감사하구....우리 사이좋게 지내여~~^^ㅋㅋ 아....49오스트 나오니까....가슴이 아련아련.....ㅜㅜ 잊으려고 노력하는데...흑흑..... 아...푸....다....

글구 간식도 늦었지만...너무나 감사히 모든 스텝들과 함께 잘 먹었어요....

이제 우리모두 정신차리고 일상으로 돌아가야 할때......인...가...요.... ㅋㅋ

올여름 너무 더울거 같은데 건강 조심하시구.....또 만나요......눈물이 난다 노래 나오네.....에잇...빨리 갈래 흑흑 ㅜㅜ


Source: Daum Cafe

首先,謝謝大家如此的喜愛49日和宋宜景、魂宜景….有人因為我常常去DC而生氣…. ㅋㅋ 不要這樣~~ 蘋果CAFE;已經成立了很~~久了,令人感謝的DC雖然成立還沒有很久,但十分的積極因而很感謝他們….我們之間好好的相處吧~~^^ㅋㅋ 阿…49日的OST的歌出來了(注:CAFE;的背影音樂)….心感到一陣刺痛 ㅜㅜ 想要努力的去遺忘,但….哼哼… 好…心…..痛….

現在我們該打起精神重新回到正常的生活的時候…...是….不……是…..呢…. ㅋㅋ
今年的夏天好像會非常的熱,請小心健康…. 讓我們再次見面吧….. 眼淚流下來了…原來是歌放出來了….哀矣….我要快點走 哼哼ㅜㅜ



Apr 9, 2011

The second time celebrating my birthday

The second birthday party that Il Woo prepared for me~~~

At exactly 12 o'clock, Hyun Jae gave me a birthday surprise, afterwards it was time for the party that Il Woo prepared.

The three of us, PD-nim, Il Woo, and I celebrated together, hoho~~

I felt so happy~~ Thanks everyone^^

Credit: translation by Temperateclimate at soompi.com

두번째 파뤼시간~~

일우가 해준 두번쩨 생일파뤼~~~

12시땡 현재씨의 서프라이즈 파뤼에 이은 일우군의 파뤼시간~~

얼짱 울감독님과 셋이서~~ㅋㅋ


Source: DC






Source: LYW.cn

Apr 3, 2011

We're at the halfway point, it seems that time passes by really quickly as though I only began filming yesterday.First of all, I want to clear an misunderstanding that you guys have. My character is SYK, but I don't think of her as the lead character. Of course, I've had a misunderstanding about it too..but the lead character is neither SYK or SJH, you guys gave them cute nicknames such as Soul-YK and Soul-JH. (Not sure what's being said here, something about the character derived from both characters is the actual "lead character") It's easy to feel confused when the premise of the story is as such. I enjoy being both characters so please don't fight over YK or JH. The development of 49 days is still not determined yet, please give it lots of love and enjoy ^^
-In Yilsan TV Station, the woman that feels happy and touched by reading the messages on DC... (LYW's sign-off )

Credit: translation by 7lotus at soompi.com

벌써 중반을 달리고 있네요~ 정말 시간 금방 가는듯해~~ 엊그제 촬영시작한거 같은데...^^
일단 여러분들이 생각하는거에 대한 오해와 답좀 저글라공 ㅋ
송 이경빠들 ㅋㅋ 내가 송이경역으로 나오니까 송이경이 주인공인줄 아나본데... 물론 그렇게 오해할만하다고 생각해 나도 그랬으니까... ㅋ 군데 어쩌지?? 울 들마의 주연은 송이경도 신지현도 아닌 너님들이 지어준 기요미네임 빙이경 혹은 빙지현이랍니다.....빙의를 소재로 다루는 것이기에 빙의된 인물로 이야기를 끌고 나가는거라 그녀가 주인공이져~~^^~~ 많이 혼란스럽기도 했을거라 생각해요 나도 그랬으니까... 그러나!! 나 또한 빙이경&빙지현이란 새로운 인물에 올인하고 아끼고 사랑하고 있으니까 송이경과 신지현으로 싸우지 마시고 가운데 낀 그녀에게 몰입해서 보게되면 더 즐감 할 수 있을듯~~ 어디로 튈지 모르는 49일 앞으로도 격하게 아껴주고 그냥 편하게 즐기삼~^^~

-일산방송국에서 갤러들의 글에 재미와 감동을 받는 그녀가...

Source: Dc

Mar 17, 2011

"Though an arduous work, finally 1st and 2nd eps had been aired. What do you think? Reading comments, each one has variety of opinions, either good or bad. I agree. Yesterday I saw many writings of praises, many of them fans of the stars. But, to get objective reviews, couldn't be just from fans, right? Today, however, it's a bit wider... (I think she means more people outside actors fans commented on 2nd eps). I want to see various comments, I'll gladly accept them no matter if they're good or bad.

In this cold weather, Il Woo and Gyu Ri worked very hard. You both did wonderful job. Good performance from pretty and lively Ji Hyun, also Il Woo the handsome and cool scheduler. Of course, very good performances from other stars as well.

To be honest, playing 2 different characters SYK-SJH is very hard. It's tough, read 2 scripts simultaneously and do both according to writer's wish. But I'll keep work hard. The story development will keep getting more and more interesting, I'll also look forward to it. At first it's hard to understand Shin Ji Hyun's feelings, she herself doesn't really understand. But over time, you'll get more familiar with her. Ha ha.

Thank you so much for the waiting. I feel very grateful. I'll keep work hard!"

Credit:  translation by Cahya at soompi.com


드뎌고생하며찍은 1,2회가방송되니....허무하넹~~ㅋㅋ
어제는공홈시청자게시판에다들좋은글들만있어서배우들팬들인가했징~~ 팬들만보면안되거덩~~근데오늘은.........ㅎㅎㅎ그들에게댓글달고싶어혼난네....몬생겨서지송하다고이쁘게봐달라고ㅋㅋㅋ
직히나도이런역은간만이고또한지현역이절대절대쉬운캐릭이아니라서 .... 많이힘들지만우선작가님이써주신대본대로할려고노력중이고대본은수록재밌으니까...기대해주시고.....첨엔받아들이기힘들어도받아들여나의신지현을~~~ 계속보다보면익숙해지지않겠엉?? ㅎㅎ
암튼고마워그대들이있어서~~~든든함다~~ 열심히할께영!!! ^^

Source: DC





Source: LYW.cn


May 31, 2011

Jung Il-woo shone with the appeal that someone only of his age could -- he checked out his jaw line in the mirror this way and that when told he seemed to have put on some weight after "49 Days" ended and showed off that he had great chemistry with actress Lee Yo-won for the show yet remarked, "We don't keep in touch after filming ended. She has to look after her baby and you know, because we're just cool like that? (laugh)"

10: In what sense did you have such good chemistry with her?
Jung: She would act according to what's going on for the shoot. A bit spontaneously but I think that's why my acting came out better. She'd react to me very naturally
so I'd immerse myself into that scene instead of thinking about what line I'm supposed to say next.

10: Did you not feel such bliss when working on your previous projects?
Jung: I don't think there was a single time that I felt that I had good chemistry with an actress before.

Source and Credit: 10 Asiaa [INTERVIEW] Actor Jung Il-woo

May 28, 2011

49 days was a drama with the subject of "the possessed" ("bing ue" means possessed by as a spirit and thus explains why LYW called Ji-Kyung, Bing Yi-Kyung.)
So, the actress playing the two roles needed to have a delicacy in her acting in order to differentiate the characters. In that way, Lee Yo-Won was the greatest partner. Yo-Won ssi is an actress who sees "ensemble" as being important (in order words, the colloboration btwn actors). Her reactions were so good I got to act without any confusion (referring to the double roles). I tended to mostly work with actors with good "reactions", so I'm very blessed.

Credit: Translation by Jjowah at soompi.com

'49일'은 빙의를 소재로 한 드라마이기 때문에 1인 2역을 맡은 상대 배우의 연기를 잘 구별해야하는 섬세함도 필요했다. 그런 면에서 이요원의 최고의 파트너였다. "요원씨는 앙상블을 중요하게 생각하는 배우에요. 리액션을 잘해줘서 헷갈리지 않고 연기할 수 있었어요. 저는 유독 리액션이 좋은 배우들과 호흡을 많이했어요. 복이 많죠"

Source: Bae So Bin's Interview with TV daily

May 19, 2011

Seemingly effortless in all love scenes, matched so well with co-star LYW despite quite big age gap. JIW expresses his great impressions toward LYW.

"It's very comfortable to be with LYW senior. She supports me, help leads our scenes, make me understand true meaning of being an actor, thus brings the best out of me. Until now, she's the best partner with best chemistry I've ever worked with. Couldn't even be that convenient with Ms. NGR even though her age is closest to me here."

Source: Chinese translation source from JIW's Baidu Bar (read comments there and turns out some JIW's Kor fans in Daum now referring to LYW as JIW's "Darling", b'coz of his fondness toward YW :lol: )

Credit: Translation by Cahya at soompi.com

JIW Interview with Osen

그런 세심한 노력 덕분인지 연인으로 나오는, 실제로는 연상인 이요원과도 더 없이 잘 어울렸다. 정일우의 이요원에 대한 신뢰도 대단했다.

“이요원 선배는 사람을 참 편하게 해주는 스타일이다. 또 연기 할 때도 굉장히 도움을 주고 이끌어 주고 잡아주고 받쳐주고, 참 연기할 때 호흡이 잘 맞는 연기자 인 것 같다. 지금까지 했던 사람 중에서도 손에 꼽을 정도로 참 호흡이 잘 맞는 분이다. 남규리씨와는 나이 차이가 별로 나지 않아 거기서 오는 편안함 같은 것이 있다.”

Apr 14, 2011

49 Days director is a nice person and he like his methods. Thanks to him who arranged for all main casts to met long enough before start filming, they got plenty chances to knows each other better, therefore ease the filming atmosphere. Among them all, Jung Il Woo had found his "bff" in Lee Yo Won. (n.b.: Yuhuan translated it as "soulmate", but I think that's too strong a word :sweatingbullets: so I go with "bff/best friend forever" term instead).

"Lee Yo Won sister and me spent most times together. She always take care of me very well. We talk a lot, practice together, etc. Most incredible is we have similar tastes. She likes to eat (some kind of Korean traditional fried chicken) too and there this restaurant near (...) where we're frequently visit together (laugh)."

Source: Chinese translation from Baidu.

Credit: translation by Cahya at soompi.com

The part about YW:

‘49일’의 감독과 스태프들 역시 그에게 힘을 북돋아 주는 사람들 중 한명이다. 함께 호흡하는 시간이 긴 만큼, 서로를 더욱 잘 알게 된 이들은 배우들이 연기에 집중할 수 있도록 편한 분위기를 조성해 준다고. 그중에서도 정일우의 ‘절친’은 바로 이요원.

“요원이 누나와 가장 많은 장면을 찍고 있어요. 워낙 저를 잘 챙겨주기도 하시고 이야기도 많이 하고 있어요. 무엇보다 입맛이 비슷해요. 삼계탕도 좋아하고 이것저것 잘 드셔서 어디 갈 때마다 저에게 근처 맛집을 물어보곤 하시죠(웃음)”

Source: JIW Interview With TVREPORT

Apr 11, 2011

Star & Story: Meeting up with the "bad guy" of the SBS drama 49 Days Bae Soo Bin

During the interview, Bae Soo Bin spoke about his impressions of his fellow cast members from 49 Days.

Regarding Jo Hyun Jae, who plays a character who is the opposite of his character, he said "We were already acquainted about 4 - 5 years ago, I feel really happy that I'm able to work together with Jo Hyun Jae on this drama."

At the same time, he also expressed his feelings about working with Lee Yo Won for the first time.

When describing the first occasion in which he met Lee Yo Won in person, Bae Soo Bin bashfully said, "Actually I've always wanted to become close and friendly with actors that I admire/like (implying that he's always admired/liked Yo Won). However, when we really met up, she was the one to initiate greetings, which made me feel embarassed and shy."

Credit: translation by Temperateclimate at soompi.com

배수빈 솔직고백, "이요원이 먼저 다가와.."

스타&스토리에서는 SBS특별기획 '49일'의 나쁜 남자 배수빈 씨를 만났습니다.

배수빈 씨는 인터뷰를 통해 함께 '49일'을 촬영하는 동료 배우들에 대한 느낌을 전했는데요.

배수빈 씨는 남자 상대역으로 나오는 조현재 씨에 대해 "4~5년 전부터 알고 지내며 속마음도 털어 놓곤 했다."면서 "내심 이번 작품에서 조현재 씨와 함께 하고 싶었는데, 실제로 그렇게 돼 너무 기뻤다."고 밝혔습니다.

처음 같은 작품을 찍게 된 이요원 씨에 대한 느낌도 전했습니다.

이요원 씨와 처음 만난 당시를 떠올린 배수빈 씨는 "사실 굉장히 좋아했던 배우였기 때문에 가까워지고 싶었는데, 먼저 열고 다가와 주니까 살짝 당황스럽기도 했다."고 말하며 수줍게 웃었습니다.

(SBS 뉴미디어부)

Star & Story: 遇見SBS特別企劃劇《49日》中的壞男人 裴秀彬





Source: LYW.cn

Kwon Sang-woo once said, "Lee Yo-won has been blessed with a very classic, timeless kind of beauty."