New MBC series depicts world ruled by power, money and greed

2016-11-17 by Lee Haye-ah

SEOUL, Nov. 17 (Yonhap) -- How far can a woman get when she sets her mind on building an empire out of her father's business, which once reigned over the world of finance but now faces ruin?

The forthcoming MBC series "Night Light" seeks to provide an answer in the life of protagonist Seo Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won), a cold and ambitious woman who sees no wrong in displaying her unfettered desire for power and wealth. Seo is the only child of a Korean-Japanese business mogul who moved to Japan in search of his father after Korean liberation from Japanese occupation. From a young age, she has been groomed to take over the family business. But when crisis hits, she moves to South Korea to find a solution and runs into two people -- her ex-boyfriend and a poor but daring young woman -- who could reshape her future.

"It's a story about a woman in a world that is dishonest about greed, ambition, money and power, who reveals her greed honestly, doesn't hide it and boldly walks toward her goal," Lee Jae-dong, the series' director, said during a press conference held at MBC headquarters in western Seoul.

In her quest for power, Seo meets Lee Se-jin (Uee) and discovers in her a thirst for money and other things she wasn't born with. The heiress begins to train her and draws her into the corporate hell.

"(My character) is someone who could do nearly anything to get her hands on the things she wants," Lee Yo-won said. "It's my first time playing a character who reveals such greed and ambition, and I'm really enjoying filming and feeling vicarious gratification."

The actress said she was drawn to her character as soon as she read the script. She then took the role because she believed it wasn't something she could come across twice.

"I, too, have a cold side, and I tried to bring that out in my acting," she said. "(My character) speaks very bluntly to Se-jin and I also tend to speak bluntly in real life. I tried to shape my character in that direction."

Uee, who debuted as a member of the girl group After School, described her character as a young woman who admires and wants to emulate Seo.

"When I first shot a scene with Seo Yi-kyung, I immediately felt that she was a chic woman," the singer-actress said. "I've been filming with that impression in mind. It makes me excited and look forward to more."

The Monday-Tuesday series comes at a time when the country has been roiled by a corruption scandal involving the president and her confidante.

Jin Goo, who plays the ex-boyfriend and a chaebol heir, hinted that audiences may find the drama more entertaining in light of the current political situation.

"The protagonist is a woman ... we see a lot of women and men in dark suits in the news. I just thought that there are similarities in terms of the picture," he said. Lee, the director, played down the similarities, saying the drama was conceived long before the scandal broke.

Jin is best known for his role as a tough special forces soldier in the megahit series "Descendants of the Sun," which aired early this year.

This time, his character looks people in the eyes as he speaks and doesn't give up on the woman he loves, the actor said.

"I've become a lot softer, but (both characters) reflected different sides of me, so I didn't really have difficulties (playing the new part). There's a warmth deep inside of me," he said with a laugh.

"Night Light" will premiere at 10 p.m. Monday.

"Night Light" Lee Yo-won points gun at her own head

2016-11-17 Hancinema

Lee Yo-won is exploding with charisma.

The new MBC drama "Night Light" released stills of the actress. "Night Light" is the story of three men and women who dive into the furnace of power and money power to stand on the top of the wealth.

Lee Yo-won takes on the role of Seo I-kyeong, a woman who dreams of creating her own empire which no one dares to mess with and it made up of nothing but coldness and passion. She is the only blood relative of Seo Bong-soo, a Japanese Korean who created the biggest lending company in Japan. Seo I-kyeong has always been taught to be the heiress of this business and she's got no mercy. She struggles to straighten out her father's empire and throws herself into the intense world of power and authority.

The pictures of her show her wrapped up in charisma. She was trained almost cruelly about money from her father so if calculations are a miss by even the slightest amount, she will hunt them down to get it. She hides herself in a gang organization to track down those who ran away without payment.

Lee Yo-won in the picture is completely poker faced with a bag of money next to her. She looks like she doesn't feel anything and is pointing a gun at the boss of a gang organization. She will not deal with flaws and risks her life to get what she came for. She looks so cold that she should be nicknamed 'frozen queen' or 'girl crush'. Lee Yo-won is expected to be 100% synchronized with her character.


Lee Yo-won and UEE fill Jin Gu’s mind in first posters for Night Light

2016-11-16 by

Our three leads for MBC’s upcoming Night Light are looking fierce in the official drama posters. Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) plays a cold, calculating woman, with an obsession and god-like talent for making money. Her love interest is played by Jin Gu (Descended From the Sun), who is the opposite of her, a warm-hearted chaebol heir who freely gives into his emotions. Their relationship is complicated by UEE’s (Marriage Contract) character, who is described as a bundle of ambition. Night Light will draw the story of how they come together and duke it out in the ultimate fight for control and power.

The first poster already reflects the start of a complex love triangle, with a caption that says: “Shall we go take possession of our desires?” UEE stares at Jin Gu’s reflection in the mirror, while Lee Yo-won stares at her. UEE’s character comes from an underprivileged background and she has an all-consuming need to climb higher and elevate herself to a place where she will never again be touched by poverty. So it’s understandable that her greatest desire is Jin Gu, whose family’s wealth could get her to where she wants to be.

Jin Gu, meanwhile, is gazing at Lee Yo-won. According to the plot synopsis, she is his first love from twelve years ago, and he only starts falling for UEE because of her resemblance to Lee Yo-won. In the drama, Lee Yo-won meets UEE through a chance encounter and recognizes that she has the same ambition that Lee Yo-won has inside herself. Having a philosophy where greed is not a deadly sin, but a great virtue, Lee Yo-won begins to nurture and train UEE to become her shadow persona. What happens when the shadow decides to become the master? Nothing good (at least according to Peter Pan).

The second poster shows Jin Gu’s side profile, and within him are the two women who have taken over his thoughts. It reads: “Sleepless Lights of Avarice.” Lee Yo-won gives a menacing smile, which has gotten me excited because it reminds me of her Queen Seon-deok days. From all the promos, it looks like Night Light will be an exciting ride, with the heart-pounding thrills of big stakes and even bigger risks as everyone tries to claw their way to the top.

Beginning November 21, Night Light will fill the Monday-Tuesday slot that Woman With a Suitcase just vacated.

Winning is the only name of the game in MBC’s Night Light

2016-11-15 by

The second teaser is out for MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Night Light, written by Han Ji-hoon of Last and directed by Lee Jae-dong, whose previous works include I Miss You and My Blooming Days.

Night Light is the story of three individuals propelled by their undying greed as they clamor for wealth and power in order to reign supreme at the top of the food chain. Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) plays Seo Yi-kyung, a cold crystal of a woman who believes avarice is not a sin and is dead-set on creating her own “kingdom” of which she is sovereign. Jin Gu (Descended From the Sun) plays Park Gun-woo, a warm-hearted, free-spirited man of integrity who also happens to be a second-generation chaebol heir. UEE (Marriage Contract) plays Lee Se-jin, whose hidden potential and rapacity is spotted and drawn out by Yi-kyung, allowing Se-jin to quit her dirt-poor past and begin anew. The three battle their way to the top and make up a dangerous love triangle.

In the teaser below, Yi-kyung loads a pistol and brings it right up to her temple. Without a trace of fear in her face, she declares, “The one who gives up first loses. That is the rule.” We then see Se-jin as a parking attendant and, later, barefoot and drenched in the pouring rain. She asks Yi-kyung, “When you don’t have money or connections, every day is urgent. But you wouldn’t understand that kind of thing, right?”

Next, Gun-woo watches with concern as his father gets accosted by news reporters, and he says, “Whatever it is, I do things my way.” Yi-kyung and Se-jin stand before a mirror and when Se-jin asks if she can become like her, Yi-kyung answers in a steely voice, “You should ask yourself that, Se-jin, if even for a brief moment you want to be like me.” The desire is definitely there because the final shot is of Se-jin determinedly introducing herself as Seo Yi-kyung.

I’m drawn to Yi-kyung and Se-jin as separate individuals, but even more interested in the relationship that’ll form between them. Yi-kyung may start out as Se-jin’s ruthless mentor, but she’ll probably lose control of her protégée once Se-jin learns to play the game on her own. Will Gun-woo end up with first love Yi-kyung or the Yi-kyung Se-jin is becoming? I’m holding my bets on this one.

MBC’s Night Light will premiere after Woman With a Suitcase on November 21.

A duo of fateful first encounters in MBC’s Night Light

2016-11-14 by

Sometimes you just want to see characters being steely and hard, particularly heroines in a landscape that is so populated by nice Candys, which makes up a large part of my interest in MBC’s Night Light, featuring characters who are determined to amass wealth and power, each for their own differing reasons.

I’m also intrigued by the relationship between the three main characters, with Jin Gu (Descended From the Sun) first falling for Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki), a rich ice queen, and then falling for UEE (Marriage Contract), who essentially turns from a humble Candy into a second Lee Yo-won when she takes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change her life’s direction. Usually, drama love triangles highlight rivals with opposing natures, but here the ladies look like they’ll be two of a kind, despite starting out in different places.

The first set of stills depicts the first meeting between characters Yi-kyung (Lee Yo-won) and Se-jin (UEE) at a VIP charity auction. Yi-kyung discovers Se-jin playing the role of a fake girlfriend to a rich loser who’s trying to get revenge on an ex-girlfriend, and is intrigued by Se-jin’s toughness, holding her own in a sea of privileged folks. She judges Se-jin’s true nature, potential, and hidden ambitions at a glance and approaches her, kicking off their complicated relationship.

The next set of stills shows us the first meeting between the other pair, Yi-kyung and Gun-woo (Jin Gu), back when they lived in Japan. Yi-kyung is a Korean-Japanese gyopo (Korean living abroad) whose father has built up a top financial company in Japan, who harbors ambitions to create her own “kingdom” and believes that greed is no sin. Gun-woo is a chaebol’s son himself, but lives in Japan while pursuing his dreams of being a musician.

Yi-kyung has been trained by her father to never let a cent go unaccounted for, and to chase down owed money no matter what, so she doesn’t stand by when she happens upon Gun-woo being scammed out of money by a con artist disguised as a monk (Oh Jung-se). And thus their youthful romance begins, with free-spirited Gun-woo being the only man who can make Yi-kyung laugh, and the first-love relationship is described as fiery and passionate.

But that’s all in the past, and whatever it is that pulls them apart isn’t quite resolved by the time the present-day storyline picks up twelve years later. The two exes run into each other again in a chance encounter, entangling our trio of characters in a complicated love triangle. As if there’s any other kind.

Night Light follows Woman With a Suitcase and premieres on November 21.

A rainy, auspicious encounter in first teaser for Night Light

2016-11-09 by chickachunga

The first teaser and additional stills are out for MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Night Light, a story of three young and ambitious individuals ignited by their undying flame of greed in their pursuit of ultimate wealth and power.
Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) plays an elegant, “crystal-like” ice queen named Seo Yi-kyung. She changes the life of Lee Se-jin, played by UEE (Marriage Contract), a woman of humble beginnings who sets her sights on Yi-kyung’s life of luxury, eager to leave her dirt-poor past behind. Jin Gu (Descended from the Sun) plays Park Gun-woo, an upright, second-generation chaebol heir with a warm heart who loves Yi-kyung, his first love. But when Se-jin gets into the picture, and she starts resembling Yi-kyung more and more, things start to get complicated for him and the other two corners of the love/power triangle.

In a supporting role, Jung Hae-in (Yes, That’s How It Is) plays Tak, Yi-kyung’s reliable bodyguard. Yi-kyung spotted him when he was in his teens, and he’s protected her ever since. He has inside sources everywhere and can extract intel easily, sucking in information like a straw. He’s a chatterbox who knows every inch of Seoul with superior combat skills to boot.

In the teaser, a rain-drenched UEE stands before the vehicle of Lee Yo-won, who steps out with an umbrella and says, “You’ll catch a cold” before returning to her car, implying for UEE to hop in. Next, we see Jin Gu smile as he looks out the window of his corner office. UEE appears again, this time dry and looking hopeful as she looks up at the skyscraper before her. The teaser ends with Lee Yo-won’s the determined face and her soundbite: “Once I covet something, I don’t let go, whether it be clothing or people.”

A breadcrumb of a teaser, but a decent overview of the main characters at the center of an imminent power struggle fueled by greed. We’ll see how long Jin Gu’s smile lasts and whether or not Night Light will be a drama worth coveting.

Night Light premieres on November 21 after the end of Woman with a Suitcase.

Humble beginnings for ambitious dreamers in Night Light

2016-11-03 by

First stills are out for MBC’s Night Light, the upcoming drama about ambitious young people greedy to claim power and wealth for themselves. UEE (Marriage Contract) stars as one of the three central leads, and given that she’s dressed here as a parking attendant, we can see right away that she’ll be the rags-to-riches story. Her character is described as having the presence and looks of a chaebol daughter, though in reality she’s dirt-poor and works multiple jobs. Having grown up with nothing, she jumps at the opportunity to turn her life around.

The other two leads are played by Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) and Jin Gu (Descended From the Sun); Lee plays Yi-kyung, the rival who embodies both passion and ice, while he plays privileged Gun-woo, who loves her. That is, until Se-jin (UEE) comes along, at which point everything gets complicated as the three get entangled in a fateful storyline.

It’s the “crystal-like” Yi-kyung who will enable the crucial life change for Se-jin; we aren’t told how it happens, but after they meet, Se-jin becomes more and more like Yi-kyung, who is like a prism through which Se-jin comes to confront the world’s greediness. They’ll have an interesting relationship, because while they are rivals who get caught up in a love triangle, they aren’t being pitted as outright enemies; they’ll have a rocky girlfriendship as well.

Meanwhile, Jin Gu’s stills come from the drama’s recent location shoot in Japan. His character Gun-woo is a chaebol’s son with a warm heart and free-spirited personality, and intitially decides to put aside his status to pursue music. That takes him to Japan, which is where he meets Yi-kyung and falls into a daydream-like love… which ends up shattered, after which point he returns to take his place at the chaebol corporation and proves himself with his intelligence. He’s busily working to pull the company out of trouble when he meets Yi-kyung again, twelve years after they’d broken up.

I’m intrigued by the setup of the three characters, all of whom seem to be strong and steely in their own way; the basic description of people who are greedy to claim power and wealth isn’t really much of a hook for me, but I do like the cast and am interested in seeing how the relationships develop. This definitely seems like a show that’ll hinge upon the character dynamics and acting performances, and I’m curious to see how it all shakes out.

Night Light follows current Monday-Tuesday drama Woman With a Suitcase, and will premiere later this month.

MBC’s Night Light kicks off three-way power struggle with table read

2016-10-19 by

The cast of MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Night Light gathered for its first table read. Night Light is a tale of three ambitious people who are sleepless in their desire for greater power, wealth, and success. They leap into the furnace of greed as they engage in the endless battle to acquire more riches. Actors Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki), Jin Gu (Descended from the Sun), and UEE (Marriage Contract) make up the avaricious trio.

Lee Yo-won plays the character of Seo Yi-kyung, a cold crystal of a woman and the embodiment of heated passion who wants to be the queen of her own enterprise. Jin Gu takes on the role of Park Gun-woo, the handsome and brilliant chaebol prince of Mujin Group. He’s a man of cool-headed judgment and eloquent speech who loves Yi-kyung. UEE plays the part of Lee Sae-jin, a woman who wants to throw away her dirt spoon in favor of a silver one; she desires to be Seo Yi-kyung. The fates of these three get entangled as they greedily clamor for bigger, better, higher, stronger.

Also in attendance for the table read were PD Lee Jae-dong (My Spring Days) and writer Han Ji-hoon (Last), along with supporting cast members Jung Hae-in (Yes, That’s How it Is), Jeon Gook-hwan (Our Gab-soon), Jung Han-yong (Jang Young-shil), Lee Jae-yong (That Sun in the Sky), Yoon Bok-in (That Sun in the Sky), and model-turned-actress Lee Ho-jung in her very first drama.

Well, consider me intrigued because as we all know, mo’ money = mo’ problems = mo’ drama. It’ll be nice to have Jin Gu back on our screens after his lovable turn in smash hit Descended, and I can reasonably expect assured performances from both Lee Yo-won and UEE.

Night Light will premiere in November after Woman with a Suitcase ends.

Night Light Synopsis

2016-09-24 English translation by Anopinion

Night Light is a drama which describes the struggles of one man and two woman in their climb to the zenith of power. It depicts their desires to become the owner of the fires of ambition in this sleepless city. (Note that the literal translation of Night Light is Sleepless City.)

Lee Yo-won acts as Seo Yi-kyung, a woman who is both calm and passionate, and the epitome of greed. Jin Goo portrays the man who loves her, Park Gun-woo. And finally UEE acts as Lee Se-jin, someone who is desperate to climb up the social ladder to become like Seo Yi-kyung. The drama is expected to capture the viewers' attention through realistic depiction of people's desire for power. (I definitely see the Mishil and Deokman comparisons, but I don't really feel like heightening expectations, because the drama sounds so damn good already.)

Seo Yi-kyung is an extremely ambitious woman who is rooted in her belief that greed is not a sin. Contrary to her appearance, she is a cold-blooded ice queen who brings Lee Se-jin to the world of greed. Her passionate romance with Park Gun-woo and titillating "womance" with Lee Se-jin is bound to bring to viewers two very different kinds of excitement.

Park Gun-woo is a man born with a silver spoon, the heir of Mu-jin Group. He is attractive, logical, pragmatic and charmingly social. But even though he has everything, he still flies to Japan to pursue his love for music. It is there where he meets Seo Yi-kyung. He once believed in love, but after he awakes from this dream of love, he returns to Mu-jin group and becomes the core of its management.

Lee Se-jin is someone who aspires to be like Seo Yi-kyung. She is desperate to climb out of her social class. With her appealing looks, she has a unique classy charm to her like a beloved daughter from a chaebol family. But she was born poor. As she pursues her dreams, she meets Seo Yi-kyung who changes her life. Mesmerized by Seo Yi-kyung's aura, she jumps into the flames of greed.


Baidu Lee Yo-won
News cr. 일간스포츠
Translation: Audrey

Lee Yo-won, Jin Gu in talks to join Night Light

2016-09-13 by javabeans

Ah, all of a sudden we have a bunch of casting news on MBC’s Night Light, which just yesterday reported that UEE (Marriage Contract) was in contention to play a leading role. Now we have two more names up to join the show: Lee Yo-won (Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-ki) and Jin Gu (Descended From the Sun), both of whom are coming off well-received projects in the past year.

The drama is about ambitious people clamoring to claim more power and success for themselves, and it appears that the title is a metaphor for that ambition; these people are sleepless in their endeavor to “become owners of that light.” Hence the night light.

Jin Gu is reportedly in final negotiations for the role; the character is the son of a corporate CEO with an intelligent brain and cool-headed judgment. I’m more used to Jin Gu playing salt-of-the-earth common guys than the silver-spoon rich guy, but let’s see what he can do with this character.

Lee Yo-won is up to play an elegant, perfect woman who ends up clashing at every turn with the other series lead, the role currently out to UEE; that character is a young poor woman who lost her parents at a young age and takes a rare opportunity to send her life in a different direction. It’s a rivalry I can see sparking, since both ladies are capable of being tough as nails and standing their ground, and I would almost fear for UEE being cut down by Lee Yo-won’s iciness if I didn’t feel equally confident that she could handle her own.

So far, I’m optimistic about the casting, and if the writer (Han Ji-hoon of Last, Time Between Dog and Wolf) and director (Lee Jae-dong of I Miss You, My Spring Days) can pull off a tense, conflict-laden drama that lives up to its description, I’d be up for that. Night Light is set to be MBC’s last Monday-Tuesday drama of the year, premiering in November.

“Running Man” Is Lee Yo Won’s First Variety Show Appearance in 16 Years

2015-08-09 by kiddy_nights

Actress Lee Yo Won revealed that she has not been on a variety show in 16 years, and that “Running Man” is her first appearance in 16 years, shocking everyone.

This revelation came on the August 9 episode of “Running Man,” whose theme was “Casting Actresses – Survival.” The guests were Lee Yo Won and Cha Ye Ryun. On their appearance, the members of “Running Man” remarked that they don’t remember seeing Lee Yo Won on a variety show, asking if it was her first appearance. Lee Yo Won responded that “I used to be on variety shows, when I was a high school student. I did variety shows just after I debuted.”

Lee Yo Won appeared to be amazed by “Running Man,” saying that “I watch a lot of variety shows at home.”


Lee Yo Won To Show Up In ‘Running Man’

2015-07-27 [by Woorim Ahn]

Actress Lee Yo Won will appear in SBS ‘Running Man’. She recently finished filming the program’s episode in a good atmosphere. Since this is her first time to challenge to appear in outdoor variety program, the mass public anticipates for her activities in the program. In particular, as the program members didn’t even know she would show up as a guest, they got surprised at her appearance and welcomed her since she barely appeared in variety programs before. Meanwhile, Lee Yo Won’s appearance in ‘Running Man’ will be aired two weeks from now.


Lee Yo Won Becomes a Mom of Three with Birth of Baby Son

May 19, 2015 kiddy_days

Lee Yo Won has given birth to a baby son!

On May 19, it was relayed that on May 17, Lee Yo Won gave birth to a son. She is now a mother of three, with her two daughters and now a son.

According to reports, she is currently taking care of her health and getting post-natal care in a hospital.

Lee Yo Won married the golfer Park Jin Woo in 2003. She gave birth to her first daughter the next year, and 10 years later in May of 2014, gave birth to another daughter. She became pregnant with her third child right after and gave birth on May 17.

Congratulations to Lee Yo Won!


Who will be the champion of the acting grand prize?


In the SBS drama there are many worthy candidates for the grand prize award. There's this year's "Empire of Gold" Lee YoWon, "I hear Your Voice" Lee Bo Young, "Master's Sun" Gong Hyo-jin & So Ji-Sub, "The Winter the Wind Blows" Song Hye Kyo & "Queen of Ambition" Soo-Ae.

Among these candidates there's a strong possibility that the fight will be between Lee YoWon & Lee Bo Young in particular. If Lee Bo Young "I hear Your Voice" stood out in terms of the ratings & popularity, Lee YoWon "Empire of Gold" I'd say should be regarded for her acting.

Credit: Translation by Nikachan2008


Lee Yo-won pregnant for the second time in 10 years

2013/12/12 hancinema

Actress Lee Yo-won is pregnant. A media reported recently that Lee Yo-won was pregnant with her second child. She's been abroad on vacation since the end of the drama "Empire of Gold" and now she's at home, concentrating on resting for the baby. Netizens say, "Congratulations!", "She's pregnant!", "Focus on your baby!" and more. Meanwhile, Lee Yo-won got married in 2003 at the age of 23 and had first child the same year. She is now pregnant with her second in 10 years.

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What's your impression of LYW?


In the drama, I also wanted to show how a male veterinarian from a lowly status who became a top doctor meet & compete with a wealthy & top female doctor who studied medicine properly. However, in the middle part of the drama BGH became very excellent that the competition became unclear on the way. The intention originally was for the two to compete each other to the end. That's why it was necessary to choose a heroine which was a strong, wise & an intelligent woman with a beautiful image. As you know, LYW played a role of a doctor in "Surgeon Bong Dal Hee" about four years ago. The acting was solid. She was able to to play the role of a surgeon extremely well & was very popular in Korea. Seeing that I thought LYW could perform the part of a wise & strong female doctor perfectly & so I had chosen her. But what I was concerned about was she played the title role in the Korean drama Queen Seondeok. Because the drama gained a great success in Korea I thought whether she who had already done the title role of a drama would take on the offer. Although LYW's role in HD is a heroine, however BGH was the actual hero so I was anxious whether she would take on the role because it was centered on a male protagonist. Surprisingly she accepted it & I was happy. It was fortunate we could cast her saying "I decided to do this drama because I believe Director Lee would certainly make me shine"

Credit: Translation by Nikachan2008


Heroine of a hit series 'Empire of Gold' Lee Yo won meets fashion magazine ELLE

Wed, Jul 24, 2013 10:51 AM PHT

[by Cho Suyoun] Actress Lee Yo won's elegant pictorials and interview were released by magazine ELLE. For August edition of fashion magazine ELLE, actress Lee Yo won participated in photo shoot and interview. Lee is currently playing a role of inheritor of conglomerate family and is showing a natural and trendy fashion to the audience. Through these pictorials, Lee again appealed trendy feminine mood with FENDI's fall collection.

During the interview, Lee Yo won told that she is very into researching her character 'Choi Seo yoon' in the series 'Empire of Gold.' When an editor said that her elegant look is very new compared to her previous characters, Lee answered "I have never played a role that needs to dress up fully all the time. I normally let the staffs do everything but I now have a long conversation about the character's fashion because I want to show the best out of me through this series."

Lee also said that she feels alive again by realizing that her job is an actress. When the editor asked her what makes her keep busy with continuous works, Lee said "I just love being an actress. I like the fact that I can enjoy all kinds of lives through works."

Like she said, Lee Yo won is showing a whole new character through a drama 'Empire of Gold.' Her full pictorials and interview will be printed through fashion magazine ELLE in August edition. (photo by ELLE)

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Lee Yo Won Is Elegant and Sassy In Elle Korea

Posted by goodange on Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Empire of Gold's Lee Yo Won unveiled an exquisite and chic pictorial for Elle Korea's August issue, in which she sports accessories from the Fendi collection. Meanwhile, the actress offers an analysis on her role in her current drama and the character's style as a daughter of a corporate executive.

Source: TVdaily






Lee Yo-won dressed as a plutocrat

Tues, Jul 23, 2013

Actress Lee Yo-won put on a luxurious dress. Lee came out with a fall collection for the August issue of the fashion magazine "Elle". She said, "I have never dressed up like this before. I usually leave it up to my staff to take care of it but I discussed this collection a lot with them as I was concerned about how it would turn out".

In an interview that followed, she also spoke about the character of Choi Seo-yoon she's playing in "Empire of Gold". She also added that she felt attracted to the career as an actress more these days. She said, "Being an actress is fun because you get to live different lives like trying on different clothes".

Translation by: Hancinema

Source : ( English )


Kim Rae Won′s Ex-Girlfriend Comments Spark Controversy for Pointing at Lee Yo Won

By Lee, InKyung | CJ E&M enewsWorld – Wed, Jan 16, 2013 3:05 AM MYT

Lee Yo Won saw a sudden surge in the attention paid her, following a first love confession that Kim Rae Won made on Healing Camp. On the January 14 broadcast of SBS′ Healing Camp, Kim Rae Won opened up about his first love, an actress he had dated when he was in high school. The story warmed the mood, but because Kim Rae Won had given a bit too many specific hints, netizens were led to pounce on the subject and dig out who it is. Lee Yo Won became the most probable choice, pitching the two together in sudden love rumors. Kim Rae Won had hinted that the actress was a year older than him, and that he had appeared in a piece with her in the beginnings of his career. Kim Rae Won and Lee Yo Won both appeared in the 1998 drama Scent of a Man and then in School 2 together. He then said that though she lived near Ori Station in Bundang and it took her at least three hours to get anywhere, he had always taken her home. Lee Yo Won is also known to be from Seongnam-si, where Ori Station is located. The last hint was that he got to talk with her for the first time in 11 years thanks to Kim Hae Suk when he was acting for the film Sunflower, and that he had told her, "You're all grown up," about how she had gotten married and had children, confirming that she had been married at that time.

Kim Rae Won said about the reason they broke up, "She was like a tomboy, she was bright, bouncy and beautiful. It was like love for a religion; I could have done anything for her. I even sold a gold necklace my mother had given me and a phonograph to go places with her. She was a year older than me, so she went to college before I did. She was always curious about everything, so it would′ve been hard for her to concentrate on me only, and the men around her also wouldn′t leave her alone." "I even jumped into the Han River after our breakup," he confessed. Though the actor was commended for being honest, his words still stirred up a controversy. Some said favorably, "My heart broke at Kim Rae Won′s pure love," while others said, "It′s not so considerate for him to reveal so many details about an actress who is still in the business and is currently married." Lee Yo Won is still active as an actress, and she even appears in the MBC drama Horse Doctor, which airs just an hour before Healing Camp. Regardless of whether she is the woman Kim Rae Won was speaking of or not, getting attention not for her feats but for another actor′s confession probably won′t come to her as a pleasurable experience. She can′t be happy at the attention, but she can't come out openly to say that she wasn′t Kim Rae Won′s first love either. One official said, "These days it feels like Healing Camp′s ′confessions′ have gone too far. We expect to see some touching moments like we did for the Cha In Pyo episode, but these days we can′t tell whether stars are appearing on the show to really heal hearts or whether they′re appearing just to brag about themselves, to change their image or to spill about their pasts. The story about Kim Rae Won′s first love could have been edited out, but the producers went too far on this one. Lee Yo Won earned the title of ′Kim Rae Won′s first love′ through this ordeal, but who does that benefit?"

Photo credit: Kim Byung Kwan, SBS, MBC

Horse Doctor: JSW & LYW "Fireworks Date" Reproduction of Lantern Festival of the Joseon Dynasty

December 10, 2012

HD: JSW & LYW engaged in a romantic "fireworks date" while strolling in the rays of colorful lanterns. (where are the colorful lanterns in the photo??? I can't even see one.. )

In episode 21 of MBC's 51st founding anniversary special drama HD which was broadcast on the 10th, JSW & LYW made an impressive scene through a romantic date while various garden lanterns light the way. In the play, JSW & LYW waded through the crowd together in the main street of the "lantern festival" looking at the splendidly decorated lanterns. Seeing the figure of two people staring at each other with sad eyes holding fireworks that spread like a fountain, flutters people's heart. Of all things, while in the middle of romantic "fireworks date", stopping in front of a shoe store heightened the feeling of tension. There was a growing interest if JSW has a recollection of the footwear he gave to a childhood friend Yong-dal & if LYW which still has the straw sandal will really brings the memory back. In shooting the "fireworks date", the figure of two people who have a happy expression in dim light really stands out, completing the sweet atmosphere. Despite shooting in the temperature of 15 degrees below zero, performing the sad look & exchanging glances overwhelm the site. JSW & LYW were embarrassed to have their stiff fingers be softened in order to be able to hold the fireworks. Also, in order to reproduce this "lantern festival", more than 200 extras were mobilized to shoot the scene. Whenever a violent wind blows NG occurs, but it was able to continue the shooting under the adverse conditions. Because it's a scene completed by the staff & actors pulling together through the hardships, what kind of picture it has become has raised expectations.

Translation by Nikachan2008 @soompi




What is actress Lee Yo Won's personality really like? "I am not as cheerful as Kang Ji Nyung"

December 06, 2012 9:30 pm ilnungcha

In an interview video of Lee Yo Won that was uploaded on December 3 on the official website of MBC's Monday and Tuesday series Horse Doctor, the actress talked about her personality. She said, "Sometimes I'm lively, but I also have a dark side." She went on to tell about the difference between her actual personality and the personality of the character she plays: "I am not always cheerful like Ji Nyung, but I try my best to be as cheerful as possible when shooting on location or on a set in order to remain in character. Kang Ji Nyung is not typical of an ordinary person in the Joseon Dynasty. I wanted to play her because she's adventurous and puts her thoughts into action." In Horse Doctor, Lee Yo Won plays Kang Ji Nyung, a nobleman's stepdaughter whose identity and status have been switched with Baek Kwang Hyun.





Actress Lee Yo Won turns down offer to guest on 'Knee Drop Guru'

Dec 1, 2012 at 1:01 am by choiwj

Actress Lee Yo Won's agency has denied reports of the actress guesting on an upcoming episode of MBC's 'Knee Drop Guru'. On December 1st, a representative of her agency revealed, "It's true that Lee Yo Won received a proposal to appear on 'Knee Drop Guru', but the actress has already turned down the offer as she is busy filming her drama 'The Horse Healer'." If the actress had accepted the offer, Lee Yo Won would have become the second guest to appear on 'Knee Drop Guru' after Jung Woo Sung.













HD: LYW's Vivacious "Female Doctor Looks" Close Fight!

HD, LYW's vivacious female doctor looks in a close fight is attracting attention. In MBC drama HD, LYW enthusiastically performed the role of KJN, a woman who became a doctor in order to expand her dream in medicine. More than anything, LYW, showing a completely different charm as a female doctor has attracted attention. Comparing the clothes, the blue & white harmonized with the female doctor look. The coat of crimson & deep blue color for casual wear shows luxury. It shows an image of the number one aristocrat young lady in the capital. It's a 180-degree makeover. Particularly, LYW in the coat & skirt made up of rich sense of color, produced a dignified & fancy young lady of prestigious family. Though the front & back are crimson, if we think & consider the faint light yellow portion of the sleeve & contrast the gray skirt and blue coat revealed elegance. The navy blue skirt matched with the deep peach-colored vest expressed pure high-class beauty. Also, the hanging pink ribbon, bring forth a reputation of a flawless female doctor LYW from head to toe. Production company Kim Jong Hak, "the hanboks that LYW were wearing shows the nobility status of a highest aristocrat in the capital. When LYW wore the clothes of the female doctor, I simply concluded she showed the form of "hot-blooded female doctor". When she changes to casual wear, the elegance of a noble young lady is expressed. I was told not only LYW's performance they want to see, but how she expresses the multi-colored features of the character in the clothes.

Translation by Nikachan2008 @soompi






Horse Doctor: LYW: The actress who shines even if she regards herself as a helper.

Horse Doctor: LYW: The actress who shines even if she regards herself as a helper. Actress LYW is not intense in the MBC drama "Horse Hoctor" but, fulfilling her own role in silence, her presence attracts. KJN lends a helping hand every time BGH experience hardship. Unknowingly, she will develop a romantic feelings towards BGH. From now on, a heart-breaking love is due to continue. While focusing on the growth of BGH, the viewers are absorbed in the powerful elegant charm of LYW. Particularly, she is praised for playing KJN who is a perky & intelligent character & for her ability to synchronize well with other actors. HD depicts the story of BGH a horse doctor who rise to become a royal physician. KJN is also a main character, but the situation leaves no choice but to focus on BGH. LYW displayed a performance that just matched perfectly well with JSW. She showed a capability to have excelled as a helper making the drama popular.

Translation by Nikachan2008 @soompi




Horse Doctor actress Lee Yo Won is being loved as a cutie on the set of a TV series

November 17, 2012 12:00 am cloud2c2h - en.korea

Horse Doctor actress Lee Yo Won is being loved as a cutie on the set of a TV series. In MBC's Monday-Tuesday series, the actress is currently playing Kang Ji Nyeong, who works as a doctor, dreaming of being a great doctor. Living in the Joseon Dynasty, the female doctor is not a passive but active, confidence character. She even help Baek Gwang Hyun prepare for the medical school entrance exam. In the soap, Dr. Kang shows off such a lively charm, shooting back every word by Gwang Hyun, instead of giving in. On November 16, some photos of Lee looking adorable were released, which were taken on the set. In one of the photos, Lee is making a V-sign at the camera along with producer Lee Byung Hoon, while in another photo, she looks content with herself, smiling and clapping after practicing giving an acupuncture.

Source: Xportsnews





Lee Yo Won Says "Kim Soo Hyun Acts Really Well, I Want To Act With Him"

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Oct 22, 2012 09:09 AM EDT

Actress Lee Yo Won showed interest towards actor Kim Soo Hyun. Lee Yo Won appeared on the MBC program 'Section TV Entertainment Relay," on October 21st. She stated that she wants to act with a male who is 10 years younger than her and revealed that it was Kim Soo Hyun. The interviewer asked her, "if you were to choose between a man who was 10 years older than you and a male that is 10 years younger than you, which actor would you want to act with?" Lee Yo Won said, "I definitely want to act with the 10 years younger male actor."

The interviewer asked her, is there an actor that she is thinking of. She replied, "it's Kim Soo Hyun. I think that he acts really well, but after watching 'A Moon That Embraces The Sun,' my interest for him grew. He acts well as if he was really a king. I want to act with him. I hope he would at least appear as my younger brother."








"The Horse Healer" Jo Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won make official appearance

October 15, 2012

"The Horse Healer" chased after "Ooh La La Couple". According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, MBC drama "The Horse Healer" on the 15th rated 10.4%. This is 0.4% more than the fourth episode. This episode showed the reunion of Baek Gwang-hyeon (Jo Seung-woo) and Kang Ji-nyeong (Lee Yo-won). Jo Seung-woo and Lee Yo-won finally made an appearance. "The Horse Healer" seemed to be below expectations at first. However, the viewing percentage kept going up and chased after "Ooh La La Couple". Now since all the grown ups have appeared, attention is being given. Meanwhile, KBS 2TV "Ooh La La Couple" rated 11.4% and SBS "Faith" rated 8.8%.

Source : ( English )

Credit: hancinema













'Horse Doctor' Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won Perform Action Stunts Without Stunt Doubles

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Oct 15, 2012 09:03 AM EDT

Actor Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won performed their action stunts without any stunt doubles in the drama 'Horse Doctor.' The two actors make their first appearance in the 5th episode of the MBC Monday and Tuesday drama 'Horse Doctor,' that is to be broadcasted on October 15th. Jo Seung Woo, who acts as Baek Kwang Hyun, protects Kang Ji Hyung(Lee Yo Won) and the princess(Kim So Eun), who is being bullied, with his kicks. Lee Yo Won uses her chopsticks to portray action, and makes sure the enemy can't move. She shows her hidden action skills through this drama. Even without a stunt double, the two had great chemistry from the beginning and were able to perform their action stunts.

Although their action appears for a short time, they will show their action with physical kicks and special powers of using chopsticks. The Kim Jong Hak production team said, "Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won are going to meet each other on episode 5, without knowing who they are. They did their best to perfect the actions, that could have harmed them, which resulted in great scenes."










'Horse Doctor' Second Act Begins...

By KDramaStars Staff Writer | Oct 15, 2012 08:49 AM EDT

In light of the drama, 'Horse Doctor', entering its second act, Jo Seung Woo, Lee Yo Won, Kim So Eun, and PD Lee Byung Hoon celebrated by taking a picture. The adult actors will finally make their appearance in MBC's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Horse Doctor' (written by Kim Yi Young, directed by Lee Byung Hoon and Choi Jung Kyu) in the 5th episode. As they take over, the story will get more interesting. Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won will take over the roles of young Baek Kwang Hyun (played by Ahn Do Kyu) and Kang Ji Nyung (played by No Jung Eui) and look to make a strong first impression in episode 5.

Jo Seung Woo will become the older Baek Kwang Hyun, who will have learned acupuncture at the ranch and is now a naturally talented horse doctor. Lee Yo Won will be Kang Ji Nyung, a woman who will have studied medicine abroad in Imperial China and is the daughter from the capital's most prestigious family. Son Chang Min, Yoo Sun, and Jeon No Min were part of the first act while the child actors, Ahn Do Kyu and No Jung Eui, were part of the act in between the first and second. There is a lot of interest in the second act of 'Horse Doctor' as Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won are passed the baton. The production company of 'Horse Doctor, Kim Jong Hak Production, stated, "The story will begin in earnest as the adult actors take over in episode 5. If the first five episodes explained why the fates of Baek Kwang Hyun and Kang Ji Nyung switched, now, it will be about their eventful lives."









News Lee Yo Won 'Ryu Seung Bum Doesn't' Have Manners to Actresses'

October 11, 2012 2:17 PM EDT

Lee Yo Won talked about Ryu Seung Bum's behavior. SBS "Midnight TV Entertainment" that was aired on Wednesday featured Bang Eunjin director of "Perfect Number" and main actors Ryu Seung Bum, Lee Yo Won, and Jo Jin Woong as guests for an interview. The director asked Lee Yo Won if Ryu Seung Bum was considerate of fellow actresses and Lee Yo Won said "He isn't" right away.

Ryu Seung Bum asked, "Can you tell me exactly why" and Lee Yo Won answered "The actors that I worked with all has manners that is accustomed." Ryu Seung Bum said, "Are you saying that I don't have manners" and Yo Won replied by saying "You have a movie star charisma that made it difficult to approach you." Ryu Seung Bum responded saying, "You are just trying to cover it up, but it just sounds like you're saying I didn't have any manners and you didn't want to see a person like me again" and created laughter. Lee Yo Won in the end denied saying "No, it isn't like that."

Credit: kpopstarz








Lee Yo Won and Cho Seung Woo told that they attended the same school

September 24, 2012

On 24th, press conference of new MBC drama 'Horse Doctor' took place, and ChoSeung Woo, Lee Yo Won, Lee Soon Jae, Son Chang Min, Yoo Sun, Han Sang Jin, Lee Sang Woo, and director Lee Byung Hoon attended. When they were talking about each other's first impression, Lee Yo Won said, "Cho Seung Woo is my college senior, so I saw him a number of times in the past. However, I didn't talk to him." She continued, "It was my first time talking to him after starting the drama, and even though I felt very distant and scary about him at first, he is a really gentle and nice. He's very funny, and fits his character 'Baek Gwang Hyun' very well. I think I'll have a great time with him." Cho Seung Woo said, "Even though I'm her college senior, Lee Yo Won debuted first. I always wanted to work with her, and it's an honor. I should learn a lot from her. But, once, I asked her questions about dialects, and she ignored me." On the other hand, 'Horse Doctor' is a drama about a low class horse doctor becoming a doctor of the king, and it will premiere on October 1st at 9:55 PM.

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'Horse Doctor' Jo Seung Woo-Lee Yo Won Learn Acupuncture

August 1, 2012 9:52 AM EDT | By KoreaPortal Staff Writer

acupunctureActors Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won hold needles for MBC's new drama 'Horse Doctor.'

Jo Seung Woo, Lee Yo Won, Son Chang Min, and Lee Sang Woo among other actors gathered on the 27th at an oriental hospital in Bundang to obtain education in oriental medicine and acupuncture for MBC's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Horse Doctor.'

On this day, an experienced herbal medicine professional lectured the actors for two hours on oriental medicine and acupuncture of the Chosun dynasty.

Jo Seung Woo, who will be acting in his first drama since his debut, and director Lee Byung Hoon, who grabbed the megaphone after two years since 2010's 'Dong Yi,' have showed interest and passion in the drama by asking several questions during resting period in addition to the lecture.

During practicum, Director Lee Byung Hoon allowed Jo Seung Woo and Lee Yo Won to practice acupuncture on his body, displaying a lovely relationship between director and actor.

According to a representative, "The enthusiasm of the actors and producers before the actual filming is exceptional."

'Horse Doctor' is a medical drama based on a veterinarian who was a horse doctor and later became a court physican in the late period of the Chosun dynasty.

As the follow-up drama to 'Golden Time,' 'Horse Doctor' will be broadcasted in September.


Lee Yo Won, Jo Seung Woo confirm MBC's The Horse Healer

Sunday, July 01, 2012 quasilurker

It was confirmed that Lee Yo Won (49 Days, Queen Seon Deok) is returning in K-dramaland with Jo Seung Woo (Tazza) in the new medical sageuk drama, The Horse Healer on MBC.


While Lee Yo Won was last seen in a body swap romance drama, 49 Days a year ago, I think this will be a major TV comeback for Jo Seung Woo, knowing how he's inactive in the small screen for years. The news about him being part of this show was even released a month ago while Lee just confirmed her casting lately. It's a good news that we'll be able to see them again in dramaland, especially Lee, after her worthwhile performance as Deokman in Queen Seon Deok.

I know, most of you are already full in medical dramas this year (and there are even other dramas to be released late this year, e.g. Faith, Golden Time). Thank God, this is not a fusion thing anymore, 'cause it will be an all pure sageuk elements--with typical plot devices in this genre, more political machinations, birth secrets and tear-jerker deaths. I'm more excited to see Jo back in dramaland, with his excellent acting prowess that he's been exhibiting in filmography. Jo will play Baek Kwang Hyun, born from the lower class, who started working as a horse healer, managed to become a veterinarian, and progressively become a famous royal doctor. On the side is Kang Ji Nyung (Lee Yo Won's role) as his love interest, someone who learns medicine to treat the common people, an advanced woman but with a carefree life. In fact, she even described her role as mix of her characters in Queen Seon Deok and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. Pretty engaging stories and an extraordinary pair to look forward to, definitely I like!

ksu &lsw

Also part of the show are Lee Sang Woo (Feasts of the Gods, A Thousand Day Promise) and Kim So Eun (Happiness in the Wind, Boys over Flowers). I don't know why Lee Sang Woo is fond of taking second lead roles, but I think he's more of a dark horse. He's actually a good actor and a likable leading man, which makes me wonder more. By the way, he'll be playing Lee Sung Ha, an intelligent man, and a son of the person who killed Baek's father. He will also be Baek's rival in Kang's heart. A revenge mixed with jealousy? How dark is that. Kim So Eun will be the princess who will fall in love with the horse healer/royal doctor. As she was described as a funky, spoiled princess, she's more of an evil princess, which will bring hardships and misfortune to our heroine (out of jealousy, obviously). It's interesting to see them act in sageuk dramas for the first time. Actually, they are part of the reasons why I'm going to follow this show. Behind the production is the writer-PD tag team behind the sageuk dramas, Yi San and Dong Yi, Kim Yi Young and PD Lee Byung Hoon. The PD is famous for directing Dae Jang Geum/Jewel in the Palace, which makes him reliable in the genre. I'm sure it's going to be another epic show. The Horse Healer is set to invade the small screen this September on MBC.

Credit: Asiandramaportal







Lee Yo-won and Jo Seung-woo star in The Horse Healer

by | June 26, 2012

cosmoLee Yo-won (49 Days) will be returning in the new MBC medical sageuk The Horse Healer, starring Jo Seung-woo (Go Go 70s, Tazza) as the titular horse whisperer. I could have gone with Dr. Horse, but that sounded more Mr. Ed, and less historical epic drama.

The production will be helmed by the team behind Dong Yi and Yi San — writer Kim Yi-young and PD Lee Byung-hoon. (PD Lee is most famous for directing Dae Jang Geum / Jewel in the Palace.) Jo Seung-woo will play Baek Kwang-hyun, a person born to the lowest class who starts as a horse healer, becomes a renowned veterinarian, and then eventually rises to the position of royal doctor. So he goes from treating horses to treating the king? Pretty impressive.

Lee Yo-won plays Kang Ji-nyung, his love interest. She lives an unpredictable carefree life, and takes an interest in the study of medicine, eventually becoming a doctor who treats the common people. Her character is described as a very progressive woman in the Joseon era. Lee said herself that the character is like a cross between her characters in Queen Seon-deok and Surgeon Bong Dal-hee. Lee has a backlog of films to finish shooting first — Total Love and Fists of Legend — before joining the drama production.

The Horse Healer plans to premiere in September on MBC.


Credit: by Dramabeans



Two souls in one body, LYW delivered a good performance portraying two unique roles.

May 22, 2011

LYW who played a leading role as the first Queen in the history of Korea in 2009 MBC "QSD" once again demonstrated its true value performing two unique roles in SBS drama "49 Days".

LYW played Song YK who was giving up life. YK lends her body to a soul of a stranger Shin JH (NGR) in the form of being possessed. LYW splendidly performed two separate characters YK & JH. The viewers named YK when possessed by JH as "HyuYikyung". Looking back, LYW personally said that the heroine in 49 Days was HyuYikyung not YK nor JH.

Shooting continued until just before broadcast. We were able to hear LYW talking to the following questions and answers.

Your feeling now having played two roles in one person?
"It was not playing two completely different character, but because it's a character of another person's soul that entered the body, I could somewhat feel different from the usual person. Though I had to double the energy to make a comparison to the other role, it was fun to be able to play it diversely. While going back and forth as depressed YK who tried to commit suicide several times & as spirited, naive & rich girl JH, I did this & that. I am happy that I was able to show a lot of new appearances of myself."

The difficult part in a spirit possession drama?
"It was an adventure for me. Apparently in JH storyline, JH entering the body of YK pulls the story, I must do it firmly the SW had told me. At first the audience seemed to be confused, and I sent a message saying that [in this drama, "HyuYikyung" is the heroine]. In the 2nd half when YK & JH came to separate often the audience would long for HyuYikyung...(laugh). Of course (to the play), it had a hard time. The scene of conversing with JH's spirit in the 2nd half, I have never experienced such things (laugh)."

The love story with the DS (JIW) also became a popular topic of conversation.
"I also didn't expect it to become that sad. Because it became popular beyond expectation, the SW was also surprised (laugh). Because the viewers were pleased, it was written more sadly."

You have dearly played two separate emotions of YK & JH. About being sensitive like a girl, the impression has become stronger with age?
"To be honest, the sensitivity has fallen gradually. When I was a child, I fear of small matter & that it may do some damage. When hit by rain, wind & typhoon, people become stronger. This time, if I made a good play, that I think is a matter of expression than being sensitive. Moreover, the image of the girl at the time of my debut was strong. Though such role I have temporarily avoided, this time since I was able to play such image after a while, I feel that I received a good review.


Credit: Translation by Nikachan2008 at

“49 Days”: Ending thought-provoking

May 20, 2011

“Even though human beings know they can’t escape death eventually, they still live like they will never die.  Because of your 49 days, we will live every day as if it is the last.”  

The SBS Wed./Thu. drama draws to a close on May 19.  The plot development takes a dramatic turn at the very end, but the theme it expresses is a little heavy to most viewers.

Ji-Hyun (NGR) falls into a coma as a result of a traffic accident and requires three drops of 100% pure tears from three people who are not blood relatives before she can be revived.  The real problem for JH is not life or death but whether there are people who will cry true tears for her.  What the scriptwriter So Hyun-Kyung wants to tell us about is “life/living”  and not “death”.  Although “49 Days” is a fictional work, it also represents the scriptwriter’s personal message.  SHK wants us to realize how genuine the most important things in life like friendship and love are.

After she receives her mission, JH thinks it is very easy to complete it.  She has her fiance and two best friends.  But the surprising thing is no one cries for her.  Although they have shed tears,  they are actually crying for themselves and not for her,When watching the drama, viewers may be counting on their fingers to see whether there are people who will really cry for them.  Or perhaps they are thinking: ”If I were JH, would I be able to live on?”  The most compelling thing about this drama is questions like this that lead to the audience’s self-reflection.

What “49 Days” portrays is not death but concentrates on delineating our contemporary life.  The appearance of the Scheduler and the person struggling with death may be the focus of the drama, but the key is really the reality of today.  Han Kang’s soliloquy about “Everyone is living as if they will never die” is actually what JH sees as she goes to her death.

After she wakes from her coma and realizes she will finally die, JH decides to do two things.  One is to love HK who really loves her.  The other is to express to her parents that she is blessed to be their daughter.  Perhaps the most important moments of JH’s life are those six days before her death when she discovers what she really wants to do.  In those six days, JH tries her best to convey her new thoughts and feelings to those around her.  Just before her death those who are by her side are those who really love her and whom she loves.  Perhaps we have wasted too much time on things that are not really important.

JH’s death tells us the importance of genuine human communication.  “49 Days” lets us know that if we can find such people, then every single moment we spend with them is precious.  Which is more meaningful: To die like JH in the prime of her life but having heart-to-heart communication with those who love her, or to be enmeshed in the trials and tribulations of life everyday living like one will never die?  “49 Days” leaves us with a series of thought-provking questions.


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

49 days achieves it’s highest rating, ending recieves mixed response

May 20, 2011

SBS drama “49 days” ends with it’s highest rating.

SBS current Wednesday-Thursday drama “49 days” recently recorded its highest peak audience rating when it’s last episode was aired last night. According to AGB Neilson ratings, episode 20 which aired on the 19th of May recorded an average of 16.1% (Nationwide) and 19.9% (Seoul), an increase of 0.7% from it’s last episode. Grabbing the 1st position in it’s timeslot for consecutive weeks.

“49 days” is a drama about a girl name Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri), who was left in a coma after an accident and is left on a journey to find 3 sincere tears in 49 days, in order to relive. The drama ended with Ji Hyun spending her last remaining days in her own body before going onto the elevator, whilst it was revealed that Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) were indeed biological sisters.

Other than that, the other 2 dramas which aired last night in the same timeslot recorded 15.1% (MBC The Greatest Love) and 9% (KBS2 Romance Town). From next week, SBS will replace “49 days” with “City Hunter” starring Lee Min ho, Park Min Young and Lee Jun Hyuk on Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: Nate & Daum

Credit: Translation by kpopanda

Nam Gyu Ri ends up going on elevator – Yi Kyung and Ji Hyun are sisters – Audience felt confused and betrayed.

Episode 20 of “49 days” ended up being the hottest discussion on online portals after the ending was aired. It was revealed in the episode than Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyuri) was indeed the last person that Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo) must bring into the elevator before his duty as a schedular has ending.

In this episode, Ji Hyun suddenly meets Yi Soo in the hospital. She asks “Why am I able to remember the time in the last 49 days?”, Yi Soo replied “Because this is the last wish you will recieve, when I’ve accepted this job. In this last task, you will be you. From now on, you will only have 6 days to live.”

Yi Soo also added “Because this is your fate. If you want to release anger, then release it,” Ji Hyun answered back “How could you be angry? Anger will not change anything,” as she cried.

In the last 6 days, Ji Hyun invited Han Kang on a date. She suggested Han Kang to be “her boyfiend for a day,” in a calm way, yet painful from the inside.

In the end, Ji Hyun fainted in her body, and Schedular Yi Soo picked her up onto the elevator while everybody else is in pain.

The other notable thing that happened in episode 20 of “49 days,” was that it was revealed that Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) and Yi Kyung/Ji Min (Lee Yo Won) were indeed blood related sisters. Yi Kyung was lost from her parents when she was small.

As Yi Kyung was Ji Hyun’s sister, it was also revealed than In Jung (Seo Ji Hye) was the 3rd person who dropped a sincere tear for Ji Hyun.

After the episode was broadcasted on TV, the ending did not received a positive response from the audience, rather a mixed response. From the beginning “49 days” was able to attract its audience through its new and refreshing plotline and unpredictable story. Even though the drama was good overall, the ending left a different impression amongst the audience.

In the final episode, despite finding 3 sincered tears in 49 days, Shin Hi Hyun (Nam Gyuri) was not able to escape death, yet leaving the grief for her love ones including her love for Han Kang.

The ending continues to become one of the hottest topics todays on online portals. People have left negative reviews of the ‘ending’ of the drama such as “I’ve never seen an ending like this”, “I don’t understand what the writer explain?”, “Was that the ending?”, “The writer of the drama should head up on the elevator”…

Source: Nate & Daum

Credit: Translation by kpopanda

"49 Days" Lee Yo-won and Jeong Il-woo, loving reunion

May 18, 2011

Actress Lee Yo-won and actor Jeong Il-woo reunited with tears.

SBS TV drama "49 Days" on the 18th, drew Song Ee-soo who filled 5 years of duty as a scheduler to be able to meet his lover Song Ee-kyeong (Lee Yo-won) again.

Happy that his duties were over, he ran to Song Ee-kyeong and they hugged in a field of flowers and cried their eyes out filled with joy.

Song Ee-soo then took her to where his accident happened and found the ring he had bought to propose to her from between the rocks and put it on her finger.

Not only that, they had a fun time at the amusement park and he re-did her apartment wallpaper for her, then spent late night resting on each others shoulders and talking about things.

However, Song Ee-soo tells and endlessly happy Song Ee-kyeong, "I'm still dead. I wanted to propose to you 5 years ago but now what I want to say has changed".

As Song Ee-kyeong says she will follow him, he says, "I waited 5 years for you to forget me and be happy. You have to let me go to be happy in the next life".

He confessed, "You are the most precious person to me" and displayed the last with an affectionate kiss and kept moving further and further away.

Meanwhile, Kang Min-ho (Bae Soo-bin) who had done evil deeds to Sin Ji-hyeon and her family, cried sorrowfully in front of his mother with Alzheimer.

Source : ( Korean )

Credit: Translation by Hancinema

"49 Days" Lee Yo-won hints suicide netizen's fear tragic ending

May 13, 2011

Song Ee-kyeong (Lee Yo-won) hinted suicide and surprised the viewers.

On the 18th episode of SBS drama "49 Days" Song Ee-kyeong confessed to Sin Ji-hyeon about her attempts to commit suicide.

She said, "I've tried slitting my wrists, taken pills and hung myself. If I slit my throat the house owner came by, if I took pills I threw up and when I hung myself the rope broke". Lastly, she even tried running into a car the day Song Ee-soo (Jeong Il-woo) died but Sin Ji-hyeon got into an accident instead and went into coma.

About Song Ee-soo who appeared in front of her, Song Ee-kyeong said, "He's come to take me". Song Ee-soo is a scheduler (death angel). Even though Song Ee-kyeong doesn't know this, when someone dead comes to take you, that mean you're going to die. When Song Ee-soo hears what she says, he is in shock.

Song Ee-kyeong tells Sin Ji-hyeon, "I want to give you my life instead". Despite Sin Ji-hyeon's efforts, Song Ee-kyeong still thought more about death than life.

Song Ee-soo is about to finish his duty as a scheduler. He knows who is going to be the last person he will take to the other world. There are assumptions that the last person will be Song Ee-kyeong. Some say Song Ee-soo will get in the elevator instead of Song Ee-kyeong. There are many voices fearing a tragic ending.

Source : ( Korean )

Credit: Hancinema

“49 Days”: Never say die!

May 12, 2011

“Until the moment Ji-Hyun leaves, I will never give up!”

In the SBS Wed./Thu. drama “49 Days”, the backhug between LYW and JHJ moves a lot of viewers.  

In Episode 17 of “49 Days” on May 11, the way Han Kang (JHJ) tries desperately to save Ji-Hyun (NGR) portrays his lone struggle.  

Han Kang searches frantically for Yi-Kyung who leaves home to avoid Ji-Hyun.  YK accepts HK and JH’s pleadings and agrees not to go to Busan, as well as to help JH in the remaining ten days.  

HK waits anxiously outside YK’s home for JH.  He gazes wistfully at YK with JH’s soul in her but can only ask to shake her hand which makes viewers feel like crying.  

YK possessed by JH says to HK: ”Please pretend this never happened in this life.  Forget about this love.”  HK replies: “Until the moment Ji-Hyun leaves, I will never give up!” - Confessing his feelings loud and clear.  

Han Kang carries on: “Please don’t say these things to JH.”  Then he turns to leave, when YK (actually JH) is so moved that she suddenly embraces him from behind.  The unspoken love between the two moves a lot of viewers.  

Viewers commented: “HK’s love that will not give up on a soul moves one to tears.” “The way HK looks at JH and every word he says to her is so touching.” “Hope HK can save JH.” etc., etc. – expressing fervent support for their love.  

“49 Days” will end on May 19 after all 20 episodes have been broadcast, with three episodes remaining.


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

“49 Days” stays in #1 spot

May 12, 2011

According to ratings agency AGB, SBS’s Wed./Thu. drama “49 Days” scored 14.8% nationwide for its May 11 episode, a rise of 0.1% over last week’s rating.  “49 Days” is not only rising in the ratings but also breaking its own records, staying firmly in the #1 place.

Ratings for the two other dramas in the same time slot are as follows: MBC’s “Greatest love” – 12.1% and KBS’s “City of romance”- 8.6%.

In Episode 17 SYK decides to do all she can to help SJH in the time she has remaining.  She coldly tells KMH who has come to question her: ”I left SJH in Busan and returned here by myself.  If you want to find her, go look for her yourself.” – trying to protect SJH.

AGB              Nationwide – 14.8%              Seoul – 15.3%

TNS              Nationwide – 15.2%              Seoul – 19.1% 


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

“49 Days”: New photos

May 11, 2011

The stars of “49 Days” reading their scripts have aroused a lot of interest.

The SBS “49 Days” official website has released a number of photos shot during filming on location, showing LYW, JHJ, JIW, etc. reading their scripts in different attitudes.

First it is LYW (who plays SYK) rehearsing for her scenes, then there are JHJ (HK) studying his script with great concentration, NGR (SJH) working on hers in a room, and BSB (KMH) sitting in a car reading his script and getting ready.  Even JIW (the Scheduler), while getting his hair done, does not take his eyes off the script.  In a flashback scene, LYW and JIW as high school students are discussing the script (see second photo below.)

Netizens remarked: “‘49 Days’ actors reading scripts look exactly like in the comics.” “Actors seriosuly reading scripts make drama more popular.”

So far only HK knows the truth about JH/YK.  Where will the other two drops of tears come from?


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

“49 Days”: Heading towards a climatic ending

May 9, 2011

"49 Days” rose in the ratings to clinch the #1 spot among dramas in the same time slot in its second half.  This week’s development of the plot once again gets a big push — practically everybody now knows Shin Ji-Hyun’s soul is possessing Song Yi-Kyung’s body, and SYK and the Scheduler’s previous relationship as lovers has also been disclosed.  As for Han Kang who has been silently watching over JH, he now explicitly declares his feelings for her.  He has changed from passively protecting her to taking action to help her.  Now that the plot has developed to this stage, the most wonderful part of the story of “49 Days” is finally revealed.  Those people, things, events, fates who originally seem to be totally unrelated now turn out to be all connected.  “49 Days” is scheduled for 20 episodes, so there are only two weeks of broadcast left.  All signs point to the scriptwriter saving the climax for the ending, in which case this will definitely not be another Korean drama that starts well and ends badly.

Credit: Sohu Korean Entertainment News (English translation by wulijohyunjae – only the part on “49 Days”)

“49 Days”: Kings, Queens, & Princesses

May 6, 2011


SBS’s Wed./Thu. drama “49 Days” has a lot of royalty in the stars’ previous works and aroused enormous interest.

“49 Days” has reached a climax in the comatose Ji-Hyun’s (NGR) soul residing in Yi-Kyung’s (LYW) body and receiving the first drop of tear.  One interesting fact about this drama is the lead actors have all played kings, queens, and princesses in the past.

First, Lee Yo-Won who plays Song Yi-Kyung is the title character in the 2009 drama “Queen Seon-Duk”.  There she plays the first queen in the history of Korea and gained a lot of popularity.  Then in the drama Jo Hyun-Jae who plays Han Kang who is secretly in love with Ji-Hyun was in the 2005 drama “Seo Dong Yo”.  He portrays King Mu of Baekje under whose reign the country reached its pinnacle.  Another actor Bae Soo-Bin who plays Ji-Hyun’s fiance in the drama has also acted in the role of a king.  In the 2008 drama “The Painter of the wind”, his role of King Jeong Jo won him a lot of fame.

Apart from the above, the actress Seo Ji-Hye who plays Ji-Hyun’s friend and Min-Ho’s secret lover In-Jung has also been a princess and even a queen.  In the 2005 drama “Shin Dong” she plays Princess Nokuk in the country of Lu and again in the 2010 drama “Kim Soo Ro” she plays the first queen of Gaya.  Even more unusual is that in both of these costume dramas SJH plays a princess from the outer provinces.


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

SBS’s Wed./Thu. drama “49 Days” has broken its own ratings record

May 6, 2011

According to ratings agencies, the May 5 episode of “49 Days” recorded a high of 14.7% nationwide, a rise of 1.5% over the previous episode.  “49 Days” finally emerged victorious in its fierce competition with KBS’s “Thorn Birds” which concluded yesterday.  “49 Days” is now safely in the #1 spot.  [ED: actually has been for 3 episodes now - since April 28.]

Ratings for the two other dramas in the same time slot have the following ratings: KBS “Thorn Birds”- 14.2% (last episode) and MBC “The Greatest Love” - 9.7%.

In the April 5 episode, Ji-Hyun (NGR) discovers Yi-Kyung (LYW) is the one who causes her traffic accident in her attempt to commit suicide.  She goes to the Scheduler and says: “It is she who killed me and without knowing it I even feel for her plight.  Don’t ever appear before me again!”.  She is crying as she speaks but she appears to be really angry.


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

“49 Days”: Come-from-behind win

May 3, 2011

Compared to those dramas who are clear winners from the beginning, SBS’s Wed./Thu. drama “49 Days” is a come-from-behind winner.  Although the mid-week dramas all seem a little lethargic, to be able to overtake the concluding episode of “Royal Family” and finally ascend the champion’s throne in the AGB and TNS ratings is an indication how brilliantly “49 Days” is rising every week.

Ever since Han Kang is convinced Ji-Hyun’s soul is possessing Yi-Kyung’s body, more and more people are beginning to suspect this.  At the same time, JH has told the Scheduler that he was YK’s love Song Yi-Soo in his previous life.  When JH is trying all means to get hold of Min-Ho’s secret file, HK has already told MH that he will do all he can to stop him from ruining JH’s father’s company.  Meanwhile, at the prompting of In-Jung, MH begins to follow YK and finally appears before her.

The plot has developed to a most interesting point — the secret of the possession of the soul and the intertwining fates of the characters  — full of suspense and wonder, arousing the viewers’ curiosity and desire to find out what happens next.  If it can maintain this rhythm, then “49 Days” can emerge from the sluggishness of its earlier episodes and rise even higher in the ratings.  


Credit: Translation by wulijohyunjae

'Bad Boy' Bae Soo Bin-Lee Yo Won cute & friendly couple shots

'49 Days' Bae Soo Bin-Lee Yo Won, 'Actually We are Friends!'

Apr 29, 2011

A friendly photo of Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won was publicized. As Bae Soo Bin and Lee Yo Won has been opposing on SBS wed-thur drama ’49 Days’, their photo is enough to catch attentions.

According to Bae Soo Bin’s management agency on the 29th, Bae Soo Bin posted the friendly couple photo on his website.

He is playing a bad guy on the drama and is attracted by Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) possessed by Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri). Those two came into conflict.

Though they are opposing in the drama, they show off their close relationship like brother and sister in the photo.

Bae Soo Bin leaned against Lee Yo Won’s shoulder with making smile. In the other photo, he showed the appearance of ‘Ddadonam (Kind man in the city)’ with holding an umbrella over her to avoid sunlight. Their relationship was totally different with the characters’ relationship on the drama.

Bae Soo Bin said “Though we are in opposing relationship in the drama, actually I think we are good partners like brother and sister.”


Credit: translation by heej0130

SBS’s “49 Days” finally became #1 among the mid-week dramas with the ending of “Royal Family”.

Apr 29, 2011

According to ratings company AGB Nielsen, the April 28 episode of “49 Days” had a nationwide rating of 12.9%, a rise of 1.2% from the previous episode.  In spite of the stunning reversal in the ending of “Royal Family”, ”49 Days” still defeated “Royal Family” and claimed the #1 spot.

In Episode 14 of “49 Days, others are starting to suspect Song Yi-Kyung is really Shin Ji-Hyun.  In-Jung sees YK’s handwriting is the same as JH’s and is very shocked.  She says: “Somehow feels there is JH in YK.” and begins to have doubts about YK’s identity.  And Min-Ho is also starting to suspect YK’s real identity, creating suspense in the drama.

The other two dramas in the same time slot have the following nationwide ratings: MBC’s “Royal Family”- 12.2% and KBS’s “Thorn Birds”- 11.0%.


Credit: translation by wulijohyunjae

“49 Days” comics published – an exquisite blend of emotion and fun

Apr 29, 2011

As more episodes are broadcast, more and more people love the SBS fantasy drama ”49 Days” which will be published in book form as comics.  Pre-sale is now available online.

“49 Days” Image Comics (Planning SBS Contents Huff) will publish the book using high quality acreen captures and presented in comics style, definitely a collector’s item (a form of One Source Multi Use.)   

Gripping story and good drama will be told in scriptwriter So Hyun-Kyung’s original lines.  Young creative  writer Moon In-Ho will edit it into comics form, combining both emotional and ordinary life qualities which will make it even more interesting . Now presale of the first book of  Ep.1-8 of the drama is available online. Volume 2 is expected to be published in due course.

On hearing the news, many people say: “Wow, ‘49 Days’ Image Comics coming out, must have!  What to do if it is not published!”, “Got the 2 volumes of ‘Secret Garden’, read comics, re-lived scenes again, particularly interesting”,” ‘49 Days’ is a fantasy melodrama, contents seem quite appropriate for comics. Congratulations on publishing ~ “, etc.  Many people sent messages to say they are looking forward to the comics.

A SBS Contents Huff official said: “SJH (NGR) who is temporarily residing in SYK (LYW), pure innocent  HK (JHJ), funny versatile scheduler (JIW), etc. …. they will all be re-born in the comics, the drama’s fantasy is resurrected 120%.  Fans are all full of expectations of the publication of the comics.”

Image Comics “49 Days” first volume is now available for pre-sale from online bookstore YES24.


Credit: translation by wulijohyunjae

The “Forehead Kiss” becomes popular after the “Foam Kiss”

Apr 23, 2011

Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo, who both stars in current SBS drama “49 days”, recently had a kissing scene during the last episode, where the kiss was so soft and romantic on screen.

The scene of the kiss was aired in episode 12 of SBS “49 days” during a flashback moment of Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) and Song Yi Soo (Jung Ill Woo). Yi Soo approached his kiss on Yi Kyung’s forehead while she was sitting on a bench in a romantic blossomed park.

This was a scene when Song Yi Kyung remembered when she was in her high school days, going to a Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinan, Jeonbuk with Song Yi Soo. This scene has let the audience know what kind of relationship these 2 characters had in their past.

The most important scene was when it was filmed near the lake of Jinan, when Song Yi Soo had attracted alot of attention for kissing Yi Kyung on the forehead. The actors and people have created a favourable and romantic scene for the filming crew. Yo Won and Il Woo have finally completed the scene after 10 takes.

An employee at the scene said: “The 2 was able to give the audience “A kiss on the forehead” at a new level with Il Woo’s cute lips and Yo Won’s beautfil forehead”, “Therefore it will be really popular like the “Foam Kiss” by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin in Secret Garden.

The relationship between Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) and Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyuri) was also revealed in the 12th episode, which was aired on the 21st of April, evoking great curiousity from the audience.

Source: TVDaily

Credit: translation by kpopanda

"49 Days" best rate so far 12.9%... soon to be on first place

Apr 22, 2011

SBS TV "49 Days"'s rating is at its best at the moment.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "49 Days" on the 21st rated 12.9%.

This is 1.3% more than 11.6% on the 20th and is heading for first place with its continuous rise.

On this episode of "49 Days" was the recollection of Song Ee-kyeong (Lee Yo-won) and Song Ee-soo's (Jeong Il-woo) romantic forehead kiss.

Meanwhile, at the same time MBC TV "Royal Family" rated 13.1%, KBS 2TV "The Thorn Birds" rated 10.4%.

Source : ( Korean )

Credit: translation by Hancinema

“49 Days” Lee Yeo Won & Jung Il Woo Share...Spoiler Alert!

Apr 21, 2011

49 Days’ heroine Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yeo Won) and Song Yi Soo/the ever-popular Scheduler (Jung Il Woo) share a sweet moment on tonight’s episode! The scene is a flashback to when Yi Kyung and Yi Soo were at the happiest moment of their lives. The two share a romantic moment at a bench under cherry blossom trees. In the scene, Yi Soo proposes to Yi Kyung with roses and follows it with a kiss on her forehead. Now a kiss on the forehead has many meanings; but in Korea, it’s a sign of tenderness and love. It’s one of the most endearing kisses – a sign of true affection rather than lust. The audience was already aware of the intimate relationship between Yi Kyung and Yi Soo from last week’s tender kiss while picnicking in the middle of the fields.

The upcoming episode takes the audience back to Yi Kyung’s high school days. The scene is set at Jinan, Jeollabukdo, just southwest of Seoul, with a beautiful lake and cherry blossoms in the backdrop. Yi Soo gets down on his knees and proposes to Yi Kyung with pink roses. He then kisses her sweetly and tenderly on her forehead.

Hundreds of people at Jinan for the Cherry Blossom Festival stood by to watch the two actors film the scene. It took Lee Yeo Won and Jung Il Woo ten takes to get the scene just right. The upcoming episode will also reveal the hidden fate between Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae) and Ji Hyun (Nam Gyuri).

Lee Yeo Won and Jung Il Woo’s kiss has already been dubbed as the “forehead kiss,” just like Secret Garden’s “foam kiss” between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won. Representatives of the drama stated, “The contact between Jung Il Woo’s kissable lips with Lee Yeo Won’s beautiful forehead created the perfect forehead kiss scene we were aiming for. We believe the forehead kiss will receive as much attention as the foam kiss.”

You can catch the highly anticipated forehead kiss scene in tonight’s episode at 9:55PM KST on SBS.

Credit: hotshotlover30 at

Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo, Nam Gyuri know each other when they were students?

Apr 20, 2011

Looks like things are going to get complicated. On the 20th of April, 3 leading actors of the film “49 days” Lee Yo Won, Jung Il Woo and Nam Gyuri had a filming, wearing school uniforms, attracting curiousity amongst the viewers.

The the pictures, we can see a scene when the 3 characters Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won), Yi Soo (Jung Il Woo) and Ji Hyun when they were younger. However the random presence of Ji Hyun was the thing that people were most curious about.

Netizens have already left messages on board like “The Song Couple and Ji Hyun know each other when they were younger?”,”It looks like they do really connect somehow”, “can’t wait to watch next episode.

The scenes are likely from next weeks episodes which will air on Wednesday-Thursday on Channel SBS

Regarding the question to the 1st tear… it’s Han Kangs! :D

Source: Nate

Credit: translation by kpopanda

Lee Yo Won said she wanted to go flower sightseeing with her castmate, Jung Il Woo

Apr 14, 2011

On the episode of Bae Giwan and Choi Youngah's Good Morning show that aired on the 14th, Lee Yo Won was asked the question, "Between the three men of 49 Days (Jo Hyun Jae, Bae Soo Bin, and Jung Il Woo), who would you like to go flower sightseeing with?"

Lee Yo Won seemed to give it some brief thought, but answered "Jung Il Woo" and laughed brightly. It's because she was conscious of Jo Hyun Jae next to him and purposely answered Jung Il Woo.

Jo Hyun Jae couldn't hide that he was upset with Lee Yo Won's choice and flustered Lee Yo Won by saying, "You must like Jung Il Woo?"

Lee Yo Won tried to make amends by responding that she picked another person on purpose because Jo Hyun Jae was next to her, but as Jo Hyun Jae didn't seem to get appeased, she looked anxious, revealing the friendship of the two.

Actually, before Lee Yo Won was asked the question, the staff had asked the same question to Jo Hyun Jae. He was asked to choose the person he wanted to go flower sightseeing with between Nam Gyuri and Lee Yo Won, and he responded, "What a silly question. Can't I go with both of them?"

Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo, who learned that Lee Yo Won had selected him, said "I too want to go with Yo Won noona. Just the two of us, without anyone else."

Source: Yahoo News

Credit: translation by Blue_angel_1004 at

Jung Il Woo shows his affection for his noona: "I like Lee Yo Won the best"

Apr 14, 2011

On the episode of Bae Giwan and Choi Jungah's Good Morning show that aired on the 14th, Jung Il Woo picked Lee Yo Won as the best acting partner.

On this broadcast, the Good Morning staff visited the filming of 49 Days. At the filming set, Jung Il Woo expressed, "I feel the most comfortable with Lee Yo Won. It's comfortable filming with her, it's comfortable acting with her, and she treats me comfortably."

He continued: "Although Lee Yo Won appears very feminine, in actuality, she's very easygoing and she takes care of people very well." He showed his affection by saying, "That's why she's a noona who you can quickly get close to."

Lee Yo Won said, "Jung Il Woo is an actor who can show both a serious side and a comical side of himself." Lee Yo Won praised Jung Il Woo: "That's his advantageous trait, and although he's young, he has expressive eyes. When he smiles, he seems bright like a child, but there's a manly character in his eyes as well."

She continued: "Since I don't have a brother, he seems like a brother to me. I thought it would be difficult to get close to him, but we get along much better than I expected and since he follows along very well, I too can treat him like my younger brother." Lee Yo Won showed her favoritism for Jung Il Woo.

Source: Paran News

Credit: translation by Blue_angel_1004 at

Jo Hyun Jae's jealousy: "Lee Yo Won seems to like Jung Il Woo"

Apr 14, 2011

On the episode of SBS's "Bae Giwan and Choi Youngah's Good Morning" show that aired on the 14th, Jo Hyun Jae couldn't hide his disappointment with his castmate, Lee Yo Won.

On this broadcast, the Good Morning staff visited the filming of 49 Days. At the reporter's question on who he would like to go spring flower sightseeing between Lee Yo Won and Nam Gyuri, Jo Hyun Jae answered, "Can't I go with both of them?"

In contrast, even though Jo Hyun Jae was standing right next to her, Lee Yo Won picked Jung Il Woo without any hesitation. At her response, Jo Hyun Jae's face stiffened and Lee Yo Won tried making amends by saying she was just joking and she wanted to go with Jo Hyun Jae.

Then Jo Hyun Jae responded, "Lee Yo Won must like Jung Il Woo" and brought people to laughter.

Credit: translation by Blue_angel_1004 at

조현재 "이요원, 정일우 좋아하나보다" 깨알같은 질투

조현재가 14일 오전 방송된 SBS '배기완 최영아 조형기의 좋은아침'에서 상대배우 이요원에 대한 섭섭한 마음을 감추지 못했다.

이날 방송에서는 SBS 수목드라마 '49일' 촬영현장을 방문했다. 조현재는 "이요원과 남규리 중 같이 꽃놀이 가고 싶은 사람은 누구냐"는 취재진의 질문에 "같이 가면 안되나요?"라고 답했다.

반면 이요원은 옆에 조현재가 있음에도 망설임없이 정일우를 꽃놀이를 함께 가고 싶은 남자배우로 꼽았다. 이에 조현재의 표정이 굳어지자 이요원은 "농담"이라며 "조현재와 함께 가고 싶다"고 급하게 수습했다.

그러자 조현재는 "이요원이 정일우 좋아하나봐요"라며 뒤끝있는 모습을 보여줘 웃음을 자아냈다.

Source: Baidu

'49 Days’ revealing the picture of Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo as a couple

Apr 14, 2011

Seoul, Korea – The history between Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo is drawing much attention.

As SBS Special Soap Opera “49 Days” revealed the reminiscing scene that portrayed the Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won’s story, much curiosity is being aroused.

In Last week’s episode, a strange atmosphere between the scheduler and Song Ikyung was aired and drew much attention. Meanwhile, a trailer at the end of the show on the 13th, showing the history between those two are amplifying the public curiosity.

The scene depicts a green lawn in a wide park, where Jung Il Woo and Lee Yo Won are idly lying down together on a rug. The view that they were a couple is gaining more weight compared to the view that they were siblings.

Upon watching the short preview, the audiences showed their much interest and response, saying “I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s episode,” “according to the preview, Song Isu must be the scheduler. The story is developing more interestingly,” “I am excited about their past love story!”

On the other hand, Lee Yo Won and Jung Il Woo’s past episode will be aired today (April 14th).

By Hong Sam (

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Yesul Kwak /

Actress Lee Yo Won celebrates an interesting birthday with “49 Days” crew

Apr 9, 2011

Actress Lee Yo Won (32) celebrated a very interesting birthday this year on the set of her new drama, “49 Days“. Although it may sound like a bit of a stretch, she’s reportedly fascinated by the strange connecting lying between her birthday (04/09) and the drama’s title.

An associate of her company said, “The on-site staff were all fascinated because the lead actress’ birthday was same as the drama title. They held a small birthday party for her.” In the released picture, Lee Yo Won is seen smiling as she holds her birthday cake beside fellow actor Jo Hyun Jae.

Even her co-star, Jung Il Woo, commented on the strange coincidence, after he uploaded a photo taken with Lee Yo Won as part of his birthday shoutout to the star. Jung Il Woo wrote, “Today is April 9th, our drama is ‘49 Days’. Today is Yo Won noona’s birthday. Happy birthday noona”.

The two are seen posing cozily with one another, and the warm feeling was doubly expressed by their coordinating pink and green pieces, which evokes a sense of spring.

Upon seeing the picture, netizens showed bemused (and slightly envious) reactions: “The two look really good together”, “It’s amazing, Jung Il Woo has the same face size as an actress”, and “Why do the two look so friendly”.

In “49 Days”, Lee Yo Won tackles a fantasy-based role of a woman who slips into a coma, and has to fight for the chance to ‘revive’ by collecting tears from three people who love her that are not her blood relatives. The catch? Her spirit was transferred into the body of another woman who wanted to end her life. Though ratings were slow in the beginning, Lee Yo Won has been leading the rise in viewer stats with her strong acting.

Source: Joy News 24 via Naver, TVDaily via Daum

Credit: translation by Denouement at

’49 days’ would not succeed, without Lee Yo Won…

Apr 1, 2011

Lead Actress Lee Yo Won has gained even more popularity after portraying 2 different roles in the currently aired drama in ’49 days’, and even becoming one of the most important factors for the success of the drama.

’49 days’ is a new piece of work written by So Hyun Jung, who has also completed 2 other successful projects ‘SBS Shining Inheritance’ and ‘SBS Prosecuter Princess’, with a splendid cast including Lee Yo Won, Jo Hyun Jae, Jung Il Woo, Nam Gyu Ri and Bae Soo Bin. The drama has garnered heaps of attention, mostly from the international audience, eversince the 1st filming of the drama. However, after 6 episodes, the viewership rating in South Korea still averages to 10%.

However, ’49 days’ is set to flip its storyline in the 2nd half of the drama. The script of the drama can only be compelling if the drama suits the audience and stars the actress, Lee Yo Won.

In the drama, Lee Yo Won portrays 2 different paralleled characters: A depress woman who doesn’t wish to live named Song Yi Kyung and a rich and over consuming Shin Ji Hyun who needs to find three genuine tears in order to be resurrected.

The person who is in charge of the crew said, Lee Yo Won’s acting will decide whether ’49 days’ will be a success or failure before it was aired. According to the film, expressing feelings adn emotions for Song Yi Kyung and Shin Ju Hyun continues to be really complex. However Lee Yo Won was able to portray these feelings, with a good mood, of these 2 different characters whether she was the sad Yi Kyung or the cheerful Ji Hyun. On the set, Lee Yo Won must ‘digest’ her personality for these 2 characters seperately in order to film. In the upcoming episodes, these 2 characters will appear more and more throughout the film. If she successfully portrays the 2 characters, Lee Yo Won will make the acting in the film more interesting and realistic. Therefore ’49 days’ will be able to succeed in ratings.

Lee Yo Won is an actress well known in Korea, known through her works such as ‘Fashion 70s’, ‘Surgeon Bong Dal Hee’ and ‘Queen Seon Duk’… Because of portraying 2 characters in ’49 days’, this will be one of the newest challenges of hers.

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The love triangle (Jo Hyun Jae-Lee Yo Won-Bae Soo Bin) reaches it’s newest climax

Apr 1, 2011

It seems like the love triangle between Han Kang (Jo Hyun Jae), Ji Hyun’s soul in Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won) and Min-Ho (Bae Soo Bin) has reached it’s climax when the focus of the relationship peaked it’s highest in episode 6 of “49 days” which was broadcast on the 31st of March.

In this episode, it was clearly shown that Han Kang has demonstrated that he has an interest in Yi Kyung. However the link of thought always make him think that Yi Kyung is another version of Nam Guyri, nevertheless making him panic and unable to confess. Han Kang also seem to misses Yi Kyung when she is not present or late for work. However when he seem to shout at her with harsh words, he has always think of her.

Meanwhile, Min-Ho has started to care alot more for Yi Kyung. With a gaze, twisting words and a cold attitude from Yi Kyung to Min Ho, it caused him to more angry yet becoming more attached to her.

At the end of the episode, Yi Kyung needed to rushly go to the hospital. On the way home, Min Ho offered her a last chance to get her on he’s car. However after witnessing Yi Kyung getting off Han Kang’s car, he quickly’s fires her. After that, Min Ho decided to help Yi Kyung find a job as an assistant of his home because he thought it was his fault. Yi Kyung immediately agrees with her last words ‘You invited me in..’

The relationship between the above 3 main characters makes the audience feel interest. The audiences left messages on the online board saying “I really love the dual scenes between Yi Kyung and Minho. The Two actors portrayed so well making the audience feel under stress, wanting more.” “Finally, Han Kang has a reaction, can’t wait till next episode”, “Even Kang and Min Ho loves Yi Kyung both like Ji Hyun’s soul in the body of Yi Kyung, this story is just getting better”, “This is the most unpredictable drama of the couple”…

“49 days” airs on Wednesday and Thursday on Channel SBS. Episode 7&8 will tremendously highlight the story of Song Yi Kyung (Lee Yo Won), unveiling secrets of what have happened 5 years ago.

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Lee Yo Won praised for acting 2 different characters in SBS “49 days”

March 26, 2011

Lee Yo Won, the female lead, was recently praised for performing excellence in playing 2 different characters, throughout the first 4 episodes of 49 days, which is currently airing.

In the film, Lee Yo Won plays the character Song Yi Kyung, a girl who is living like a shadow and lives the soul Ji Hyun (Nam Gyuri)

Lee Yo Won was able to portray her Yi Kyung through emotion filled with passed grief through the eyes of someone who is lifeless and full of loneliness. However, when she is transformed into the character of Ji Hyun, Lee Yo Won projects a happy and young cute image, as suppose to it’s character. Even the crying scenes were well portrayed when she has realized that her fiance Minho (played by Bae Soo Bin) and her best friend In Jung (Seo Ji Hye) were full of lies and having an affair behind her back, drawing a realism in her naive and innocent character. Also, Lee Yo Won presents a very good and cute image when she meets Nam Gyuri, creating an experience and excitement for the audience.

After each episode are aired, comments from the audiences are left on the online boards complimenting ‘Sister Yo Won have never disappointed me,’ ‘Ji Hyun-Yo Won is really cute!’ and ‘Waiting for the life story for Song Ji Hyun.’

49 days airs on Wednesday and Thursday on Channel SBS.

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Writer’s comments: Her acting is superb and I really love this drama.

Lee Yo-won succeeds in taking off Queen Seon-deok image and transforms

Mar 17, 2011

Actress Lee Yo-won managed to take of the stern image of "Queen Seon-deok" and transformed into a silly character.

In the first episode of SBS drama "49 Days" Lee Yo-won played a dark character but in the second episode, after the soul of Sin Ji-hyeon (Nam Gyoo-ri) went into her she plays a more lively and positive character.

Especially in the scenes where she re-received her mission to come alive again by 'scheduler' Jeong Il-woo and in the restaurant, she completely threw off the image of "Queen Seon-deok" and became more tough and appetizing.

Meanwhile SBS drama "49 Days" is about a woman in a coma state that has 49 Days to live.

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“49 Days” Lee Yo Won, Beautiful even after wounds

March 14, 2011 6:54 pm yesulkwak

Lee Yo Won, who stars in “49 days,” an SBS drama, boasted her looks during a bloody scene where she gets wounded.

“49 days” is a drama about a woman who falls into a state of coma after an accident and is offered a chance to comeback with the condition that she gain tears from three people that she sincerely loves.

In the story, Lee Yo Won performs two roles: one that of a convenient store part-time worker and one that of Shin Ji Hyun (Nam Gyu Ri) who is possessed in her body.

Recently, she was in a scene where she gets injured by fighting a robber in a convenience store. The shooting was done in the end of February, with red marks rubbed on her face while wearing a casual training suit and casual hairstyle.

During the scene many citizens who passed by asked, “is she really hurt?” because of the flawless acting that Yo Won showed. Later, she shot scenes of meeting Jung Il Woo after resisting the robbers, and also did not forget to monitor the situation.

When such scenes were uploaded on the drama’s website (, fans wrote comments such as, “though she looks messy, her beautiful looks are still noticeable,” “the scene of her scratching her head is so cute,” “she is a natural beauty.” The website tallied an unbelievable number of 47,000 views.

One of the production crew member said, “She is trying her best to take on two roles, and the crew members are very thankful that she is giving all that she’s got. I’m sure the viewers will also be entertained.”

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"49 Days" Lee Yo-won "Won't at least 3 cry for me"

Mar 6, 2011

In the SBS drama "49 Days" Lee Yo-won revealed "I am going to work hard to express the characters of Song Ee-kyeong and Sin Ji-hyeon well".

First being broadcast on the 16th after the drama "Sign", "49 Days" is about a woman who is in a coma after an accident and has the opportunity to live if she gained the tears of 3 people who truly love her.

Lee Yo-won in this drama is Song Ee-kyeong. She said, "I am curious how I am going to portray and express these two characters, Song Ee-kyeong and Sin Ji-hyeon. I will work hard to express their different personalities well".

She explained the drama, ""49 Days" will make us think again about the way we live and help us find happiness".

As she was mentioning three people who would cry for her, she conveyed, "This idea made me look around me. I wondered if at least three people including my friends would cry for me".

Meanwhile, drama "49 Days" is made up of, Lee Yo-won, Jo Hyeon-jae, Bae Soo-bin, Seo Ji-hye, Jeong Il-woo, Nam Gyoo-ri and more.

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"49 Days": Lee Yo Won & Nam Gyu-Ri are like sisters

Feb 27, 2011

The stars of the new SBS drama “49 Days” that will air on March 16, Lee Yo-Won (31) and Nam Gyu-Ri (26), took to each other at once on first meeting and immediately became as close as sisters.

In recent shooting, the body of LYW (playing Song Yi-Gyeong) is occupied by the soul of NGR (playing Sin Ji-Hyeon) — they are acting with one heart.  In “Secret Garden”, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-Won exchange souls.  Here in “49 Days”, this combination of LYW and NGR is expected to catch viewers’ attention.

PD Jo Young-Gwang remarked: “The two first met because of this drama.  Recently NGR has taken to calling LYW ‘big sister’ and they have become closer, so there will be great harmony in their acting.”

“49 Days” is about NGR who falls into a coma after a traffic accident just before her wedding and her soul uses LYW’s body to be revived, while waiting for the tears from three people who genuinely love her.  This drama also star Jo Hyun-Jae, Jung Il-Woo, Bae Soo-Bin, and Seo Ji-Hye.

LYW and NGR as they appear in the “49 Days” trailer

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“49 Days” trailer – 35*-second haunting teaser

Star News      2011.02.24

The trailer for SBS’s new drama “49 Days” (directed by Jo Young-Gwang and written by So Hyun-Kyung) has just been released.

“49 Days”, which will start broadcasting on March 16, after “Sign”, is about a young woman who falls into a coma after a car accident and requires the tears of three people who really love her in order to be revived.

The “49 Days” trailer was first aired at the conclusion of “Sign” on Feb.23, accompanied by Schubert’s “Arpeggione Sonata”, and immediately focused the attention of viewers. 

Trailer starts with flickering lights and shows a convenience store clerk, played by Li Yo-Won, looking a little lost, then a young woman in a white dress (played by Nam Gyu-Ri) appears.  The two stand face to face, and then somehow they slip into each other’s clothes (including a necklace) and switch standing positions.  This clause on the screen arouses even more curiosity: “Two women cohabit one body for 49 days.”

Then lead actor Jo Hyun-Jae, Bae Soo-Bin, Seo Ji-Hye, Jung Il-Woo appear in this order.  Trailer ends with LYW saying to JIW with a bright smile: “I’m Sin Ji-Hyeon.”

After this trailer aired, netizens flooded various bulletin boards with comments and screencaps which meant it was a hit.

Assistant Director Yi Jeong-Heum commented: “This teaser has been produced to highlight the haunting atmosphere and the unique subject and to dramatise the intertwining fates of the protagonists.”

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First trailer for 49 Days

Feb 24, 2011

Here’s our first look at body-possession drama 49 Days, which is looking more and more promising.

The SBS series has released its first teaser (watch below), which gives us (very) brief glimpses into the lives of its main characters. And there are a lot of them, most of whom I’m eager to see acting: Lee Yo-won as the woman whose body is taken over by the soul of a woman whose body is in a coma (Nam Gyuri), Jung Il-woo as the handsome young reaper, Bae Soo-bin as the fiancé to the soul (not the body), Seo Ji-hye as a frenemy, and Jo Hyun-jae as…well, I’m not so sure who he is. But he’s our main lead and therefore, one presumes, main love interest.

The teaser itself is meant to tantalize more than give any concrete answers, and if the series is able to maintain the interesting, mysterious atmosphere of the preview, I’m in. The story itself has got a lot of appeal, and I’m intrigued to see how it all fits together. Plus, well, those are some pretty, pretty boys in the cast — never enough to sustain a drama alone, but always a nice bonus.

49 Days premieres following Sign on March 16, and airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays on SBS.


Lee Yo Won moved to tears by ‘Tears of Heaven’ musical

by Copterism on February 7, 2011 at 8:05 am

Actress Lee Yo Won recently praised the musical ‘Tears of Heaven‘, which stars JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

Lee Yo Won, who saw ‘Tears of Heaven’ on the day of its debut, revealed, “I love melodramas, and ‘Tears of Heaven’ was something that I knew I had to watch and have wanted to see, so I took some time out of my schedule to come and watch it”.

Lee Yo Won praised the musical, “It is a very moving and tear-jerking product”, and added,“This is the first time I’ve cried this much while watching a musical. The timeless love of the two lovers was so sad/moving. I loved the acting and singing of the stars, it helped to immerse the audience in the story. In the musical, the character ‘Jun Hyung’ was so charismatic, it makes me want to start dating again.”

Other than Lee Yo Won, stars such as SeeYa’s Lee Boram and KARA’s Goo Hara have been just some of the celebrities who have seen ‘Tears of Heaven’, which has been gaining much popularity.

‘Tears of Heaven’ is a musical about the blossoming of love during the Vietnam War, and it stars JYJ’s Kim Junsu and Davichi’s Lee Haeri as its main characters.

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49 Days begins filming

Jan. 31, 2011

The upcoming SBS fantasy-romance drama 49 Days began filming last week and held its first outdoor shoots on January 31, about six weeks in advance of its premiere when it takes over Sign’s Wednesday-Thursday timeslot.

Lee Yo-won (Queen Seon-deok) stars as a woman who gets possessed by the spirit of another woman whose body has fallen into a coma after surviving a car crash (played by Nam Gyuri), just a week before her planned wedding.

Jung Il-woo is cast as the pretty-boy reaper who is there to guide souls to the afterlife; he offers up the deal that if the woman can find three people outside of her family who truly love her and are moved to tears, she can come back to life. I’m making the leap in supposing that the deal extends for 49 days, which is the time it takes for a life to move on to the hereafter, according to Buddhist beliefs.

The cast also includes Jo Hyun-jae in his first role back from military service, Seo Ji-hye (Kim Suro), and Bae Soo-bin (Dong Yi, also pictured below with Nam Gyuri — I’m guessing he’s the fiancé). Aside from Nam Gyuri, it’s a pretty appealing cast, and with the creative team behind it, I’m definitely interested. It’s like Who Are You all over again — which could be a good thing, since I loved Who Are You.

The drama comes from the successful writer-director pairing of So Hyun-kyung and Jo Young-kwang, who worked together for Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess. Both dramas had passionate fanbases, so if they can tap into that rom-com mojo again, there’s a good chance 49 Days will draw the same kind of fervor. Or so goes the hope.

49 Days will premiere on March 16.

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Actress Lee Yo-won set to return to small screen in March

Jan. 14, 2011

Korean actress Lee Yo-won [GTB Entertainment] Korean actress Lee Yo-won is set to take on a role in an upcoming SBS series tentatively titled "49 Days," returning to the small screen after a year and three month hiatus. "Lee will portray a double role -- one named Song Yi-kyung and another named Shin Ji-hyun who is possessed by a spirit," an official from her agency GTB Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone on Friday. "49 Days," which will also star actors Jung Il-woo and Nam Gyu-ri, tells the story of Song E-soo (played by Jung) who takes the souls of people the moment they die. The show is written by famed scenarist So Hyun-kyung whose works include hit TV series "Brilliant Legacy" and "Princess Prosecutor." The new drama will take over the Wednesday and Thursday night slot in March after current medical series "Sign" finishes its run. Lee, 30, made her debut with a role in the movie "Scent of a Man" in 1998 and has since appeared in a number of dramas and films. She became a household name after starring in the MBC historical series "Queen Seon-deok" in 2009 alongside Ko Hyun-jung and Kim Nam-gil.

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